Are You Playing Fantasy Sports Legally

According to The Washington Post, approximately 57 million people in the United States are betting real money on fantasy sports. This industry is skyrocketing and is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. While casinos and other sports betting companies are gaining tremendous popularity with men and women, the truth is that sports betting is not legal in many states and has therefore caught the attention of politicians.

States With Legal Sports Betting

Since gambling was made illegal in the 1990s with the Bradley Act, only a few states have laws legalizing sports betting. If you live in Delaware, Montana, Nevada, or Oregon, sports betting is completely legal for you to play. Outside of those states, you're in risky territory. New Jersey may get added to that list, but in 2014 the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them.

Only one state has laws involving fantasy sports. Maryland has legalized fantasy sports for real money. Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, and Montana added laws making fantasy football illegal, though they only tackled that specific sport.

Changes on the Horizon

New Jersey's Representative Frank Callone requested a government hearing to determine the legality of fantasy sports. There is a push to determine why the federal government is allowing fantasy sports to grow while also stating that sports betting is illegal in most states. If this hearing goes in Frank Callone's favor, it could change the world of sports betting completely, opening doors for many more to play fantasy sports without worry if their actions are legal or illegal.