Will Casino Gambling Finally be Legalized in South Carolina?

The jury is still out on this question. Recently, a new poll was taken by the residents of SC, and it showed that 54% have swung in the opposite direction as far as legalizing gambling. Considering that the revenue would be used for repairs to the roads; that number increased to 68%. The poll also showed an unfavorable opinion of Republicans (no kidding!) using revenue for their own special interests, it is time that they became aware of what SC really wants and needs. The SC House still opposed gambling, and because the Congress and the Senate are in the Republican majority so far, the gambling question is still on the table.

What Happens Now?

If, by some miracle, the legalization of gambling in S.C. becomes a reality, they would join other states such as Kansas, Maine, Maryland, and Ohio along with the other states that have legalized land-based and online gambling. With Trump at the helm, we wouldn’t bet on the polls because he doesn’t believe in the polls. Even the Republican Senators and Congressman would not allow a referendum to be put to the vote by the residents of S.C. One Senator said that “South Carolina is a republic, not a democracy” Shame on him and all the republicans who hold democracy hostage.