Sheldon Adelson Wants the RAWA Act Reinstated

First came the UIGEA Law in which online gambling was deemed illegal. Then it was repealed and some states forged ahead and implemented online gambling. But all this time, Sheldon Adelson was shelling out money to Republicans in the hopes that the Wire Act would be reinstated. This billionaire has been giving money to Republicans to further his ridiculous notion that online gambling will decrease his profits. Today, we find out that he is once again pushing for the RAWA Act (Restoration of America’s Wire Act. This bill would prohibit online gambling which, of course has nothing to do with whether or not online gambling is contributing to the economy; but the mere fact that Adelson would lose money. This is outrageous, but not unexpected. But now, with the Senate and Congress all republican, and with the not so smart Trump at the helm, this could spell trouble for all online players from the US. Adelson believes now that the RAWA Act will be passed. This because he has contributed another $20 million to the Republicans in their Senate Leadership Fund, which is a Super Pac. Thus, the very next day after this major contribution, three Senators introduced a new bill (S.3376) which is virtually the same as the RAWA Act that would ban internet gambling. Just like burglars in the night, they hope to hide this bill in the continuing resolution to keep government funded. This is exactly what they did with the Wire Act. Some time before midnight many years ago, these cowards put a clause in the Wire Act that deemed online gambling illegal. This new bill would have to come to the floor by January 3, 2017. Adelson has the House of Representatives ready to go.

What the General Public Would Say? No Way!

If this sneaky RAWA bill were to become known, critics would say it doesn’t have a chance in hell, and Sheldon Adelson would be sent away with his tail between his legs. Just because he spent millions of dollars backing House and Senate candidates does not means he owns Washington nor does it mean he can buy his way into passing a bill that has been a good thing for the economy in many states. If you do not want this bill to pass, we suggest you contact those who support it. Senators Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio are the two who support it thus far. Send emails to the entire Congress if you have to, but this cronyism is not acceptable and it is up to you to let them know you do not accept it, despite the many millions of dollars Adelson has given to these Senators and Congressmen.