Many Frustrated at Lack of iPoker Regulation in US

Players in the United States have been waiting and hoping that iPoker regulation would come to their state, but the process seems to be very slow and they are frustrated and lack of progress.

Since the three States introduced legislation allowing Online poker and gambling offerings during 2013, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, thee has not been another state taking the plunge.

Its not just players that are frustrated, many of the Gaming ‘honchos’ are also up in arms at the lack of movement in the US. This lack of movement has also limited New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada from collaboration and joining forces to b able to share liquidity. That is except the Multi State Poker Network of WSOP in Nevada and the state of Delaware.

Show us the Money

The Revenue totals have been very disappointing because they are much lower than was expected prior to the iPoker regulations kicking in. This in turn has caused other states to be hesitant because the online poker regulation has shown not to be a cash cow that many had envisioned said Chairman, Gary Loveman of Caesar’s Entertainment on a KNPR radio broadcast recently. He went on to say that players continue to support regulated sites due to the lack of progress.

It would appear that the domino effect of the states falling in line one after another joining the poker regulation bandwagon seems to just be a pipe dream However, Mr. Loveman says it could become reality, and he hopes through the DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) industry. He continued that to see Federal Legislation regulation in sports betting, DFS as well as online poker all together would be a really awesome idea. Let’s hope it comes to pass.