The Illinois Online Gambling Bill Will Emerge As A Standalone

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While Gov. Pat Quinn is against the idea of internet gambling legalization, another law maker is looking at ways to push for legislation.

Mr Quinn has already ensured that several attempts at expansion of gambling were shot down in the state, however, he did indicate that he might support the current bill provided there were a few exceptions. He is of the view that the idea of gambling online, was slipped in at the last minute, and that it needed further reviewing.

John Cullerton, who is the Senate President, was expected to wipe gaming online from current legislation and then push for it to be a separate issue, this is according to what is stated in the State Journal-Register.

There have been several attempts to try increase casino revenues to the state, the legislators have even tweaked the language on an expansion bill. The most recent included a ban on any campaign contribution that come from the gaming industry, which has set aside funds for education that was requested by Mr Quinn.

Although three states in the USA have legalized online poker, these are New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, many of the leaders in the gaming industry have poined to a need for liquidity to help keep the games afloat. Interstate compacts, that allow shared resources between the states, who have legalized poker online, could capture a larger group of gamblers.

Although there is a small chance that Illinois will pass legislation for online gaming, if the lawmakers analyze this issue separately it could go a long way towards swaying Mr Quinn, and the population of 13 million in the state could boost the player pool in the USA.