Online Poker legislation dropped by Hawaai and Iowa

While New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are paving the way for online poker legislation, in the USA several other states are also attempting to pass similar legislation. Iowa and Hawaii had measures in place to move legislation forward but unfortunately it just fizzled out. Senior Writer, for Pokerfuse, Haley Hintz, in a recent report on online poker said that the proposals did not happen.

Hawaii tried to get online poker for the resident of Hawaii but the State House Finance Committee never set it in place.

The measure made it through two of the committees, the Judiciary Committee and also Economic Revitalization and Business committee, and that's where it ended. The bill didn't have the support needed from Republicans and Democrats for it to be able to move forward. In Iowa, the measures for online poker, a few weeks ago, had gained preliminary approval, but it was shot down at the Senate Sub-committee meeting. The Iowa bill got sponsorship from State Senator Jeff Danielson, but early reports from Chris Krafcik said that it would fail. This received conformation from Matt Eide who is an Iowa Lobbyist who is presently associated with Eide & Heisinger LLC.

Both bills lacked the necessary support that was needed for them to move forward within the legislative process. It will not be surprising if the states continue trying to get similar bills passed but the longer it takes, they will find other states much further in the process, and thus greater competition and dominance in the industry.

It seems that almost every week or so a new state comes on board to get some form of gambling legislation going. Some of the states don't offer any casino gambling, and many are very far behind and are only now beginning to offer opportunities for gambling.

On the other hand, other states are currently working quickly to get on the bandwagon for online gambling.