Playing Casino Games in Delaware

The times are changing in Delaware and it has truly embraced the world of playing online casino games, has massively expanded its land based games offering and despite being a tiny state it leads the way in many areas as far as gambling in general is concerned. This has all happened fairly recently in the state, in 2009 the state passed a law that allowed gambling on professional sports within the state owned Racinos and then in 2010 the real big change to the law was that the Racinos were allowed to offer table games as well as the already huge amount of slots and electronic gambling machines on offer. Delaware is one of the three states of the union that has passed law to regulate online casinos and poker and we’ll see what sort of offering that brings towards the end of 2013. Let’s take a look at the great land based casino offering as well as where residents of the state stand regarding online casinos now, and further down the line.

Land Based Casino in Delaware

Only just a few years ago there wasn’t much to be said about land based casinos in the state of Delaware, but that has changed dramatically since laws to expand were passed. The three race tracks in Delaware served up a basic offering of horse betting and slots machines but since a change law change in 2010 the new Racinos are now allowed to offer table games like blackjack, roulette, craps and casino war alongside the huge variety of slots and video poker games. Now you’ll find that they are open 24 hours a day offering residents the chance to enjoy playing casino games as and when they wish. In fact the only issue regarding the new breed of Racinos in Delaware is the question of whether three is in fact enough. The Dover Downs racetrack was in danger of going out of business until the introduction of slots in 1994 and what a turnaround that brought on and now with table games added to the offering it’s a thriving business once again. The Harringtons Racetrack and Casino offers 50,000 square feet of gaming space packed with table games and slots and the Delaware Park Racetrack and Slots in Wilmington has two racetracks and a huge 80,000 square feet of action packed gaming space. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Delaware Park and offering over 2,500 slots this establishment of a lot more than just playing casino games. You’ll find eight restaurants that cater for every taste alongside breathtaking views and an all round holiday resort experience. This new expansion regarding land based gambling has given the Delaware economy a big boost and created many jobs, and there’s hope that their online offering will do just the same......

Online Casinos for Residents of Delaware

Recent regulation changes mean that the state of Delaware will soon be offering regulated and state owned online casinos. These will be offered by the Delaware Lotteries using tried and tested online casino software from some of the largest suppliers of online casino games in the world. Delaware is one of a handful of states that have embraced online casino games and see them as an addition to their land based offerings rather than as competition. The first online casinos will be available late 2013 and we have to wait until then to find out exactly what kind of casino games will be offered. Delaware residents however have been playing online casino games for many years in state of the art, safe and secure offshore online casino and indeed may continue to do so. These casinos offer absolutely every type of game imaginable, including all of the most popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and so much more. You’ll also find that they offer a great welcome bonus, plenty of promotions and great VIP loyalty programs.

Casino Games in Delaware Summary

In summary, Delaware is a great state in which to play casino games, both online and offline in one of the fantastic Racinos in the state. Poker players also get treated well with plenty available to them. The popularity of online casino games will no doubt grow in the state of Delaware due to the regularization of them by the state, however residents will still have the option of using the online casinos that already exist and welcome them with open arms.