Playing Casino Games in Alaska

Alaska is one of the stricter states when it comes to most forms of playing casino games, however they are permitted on Native American land and you will find them available, however they will have a very limited selection of games, mainly bingo. Alaska has a very small population and a large land mass and the building of large casino resorts would not be commercially viable even if the state decided to change laws regarding casino gambling. Tourism is all about the great outdoors, and Alaska boasts plenty of that, and again this would go against the creation of large gambling establishments. As with most other US states however, there are no laws that prohibit residents of Alaska to play online casino games and in fact many thousands already do just that.

Land Based Casinos in Alaska

As mentioned, you will not find any large casinos, and the ones that you will find on Native American land are mainly bingo rooms. Gambling in general in Alaska is becoming more accepted by the state and a bill was passed in 2005 that allowed Poker, Rummy, Cribbage and Bridge. These are more social games and that state does show flexibility in this area. If you’re looking to play slots or table games then the best option for residents in the state is to play online. Alaska has no laws against online casino games and due to the lack of land based gaming facilities this is what many people do, especially online slots fans, where enjoying a game at a friends house is not an option!

Online Casinos for Residents of Alaska

There are many online casinos available for residents of Alaska and they are fully regulated and licensed, offering a huge array of online casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and of course online slots. It’s worth noting here that is no Federal law against playing and enjoying online casinos and the only law that has ever been passed regarding them is one that prohibits US financial institutions from making transactions with them. Many states within the Union are now in the process of regulating online casino games themselves and maybe this will happen in Alaska further down the track. Until then however the state of the art, safe and secure casinos that are now offered are more than good enough for thousands of Alaskan residents.

Casino Games in Alaska Summary

It’s pretty clear that the best option by far to enjoy casino games in Alaska is to play online, especially for slots players as you will not find much on offer regarding land based options. You are acting well within the laws by playing online from Alaska and the only real decision you have to make is which fantastic online casino you wish to play at. With so many great choices it’s always best to take a look around and find the best option for you with regards to the online game you wish to play.