Betting and Life

Have you ever wondered how many times you placed a bet with your friends about something?! And how many times you won or you lost?! What did you bet on?! A beer?! A bottle of juice maybe?! A favor?! Now imagine that instead of all that you would have bet on money, big amounts of money. American dream for online casino players from US , ah? How would you be today?! Rich or poor?! And how many friends would you still have now?!

The truth is that each one of us, from our childhood, bet at least once for something that we was sure we were right about. For example we bet about a mark that we were sure we were going to get; or we bet about the presence or the absence of the parents from home; or we bet about our new pet when nobody believed that we had one; or we bet that we could jump from the top of a rock or that we had the courage of doing something brave; we even bet that we could invite a special girl out.

And we won or we lost but that is not so important because anyway those bets helped us at that moment to be something that without them maybe we wouldn't had become. What really matters is that in our mind, the idea of winning something easily grew day by day. We discovered that we like to win things and to be respected for this.

We started by winning candies or juice, we continued with beer or other things that we used to ask from our friends. And some of us ended with making or loosing money thanks to betting. But where does this betting wish come from?!

It's simple: from people's mind and wish to be right. It all starts like this: you want to prove that what you say is true and you start a bet. The punt is not very important for you because you only care about proving something. And yet, you also establish a punt. A small one. Symbolic. When you win the bet, you realize that you are also happy for the punt. And next time that you bet, the punt is more important. And like this, step by step, the idea of proving things becomes less important while the size and the value of the punt grows more and more. When we were children it was funny to win a bet because we laughed together and we shared the punt without feeling sorry for the loss.

But things started to change and we became more and more careful about the value that we won and about the bets that we placed. Fun was replaced by the joy and the feeling of power that follows the gain. But also the lack of regrets started to be replaced by anguish and spite against the one that won instead of us. Take Liberty Slots Casino or Lincoln Casino for example. Lots of great slots many people enjoy, but what if you loose? Well, take it or leave it - this is a part of the deal.

This represents a normal way of growing up and we can find it in almost everyone because for each one of us everything has started as a game and ends as an affair or as a obsession. And what we must learn is to make this difference: between affair and obsession. Because if we rule and control the affairs, it's obsessions that control us. And this is something to be avoided all through life. So although bets started since we were children and we had fun by betting, they continued to change as we grew up and they become part of us.

For some of us they remained jokes without important punts. For for others they changed into an important way of making money and of earning the living. And for this last type of people it's important to separate the need of the pleasure of betting. Because taking them as a whole can lead to severe problems in cases of failure and loss.

Sometimes people who rely too much on betting can forget that other ways of making money also exist. Maybe not that pleasant or easy but we could say safer for them because it prevents them from feeling collapsed and from loosing too much.

Sometimes life is really strange. It opens a road in front of us, a good one, an easy one but it closes another one, not that easy but safer. And in these moments we forget to remember the choice that Hercules made for him: he chose the hard way and not the easy one. Bonus 4 life is not an option. So he chose to fight for his happiness and dreams, not to get them without effort. Because things that don't come after big efforts are easy forgotten and not very valued.

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