USA Gambling Payment Methods

Bitcoin is now the preferred casino banking method for so many real money online slots and casino games players in the US, and there are many reasons for that. It´s now the case that all of the best US online casinos, including their mobile casino counterparts, all welcome the virtual currency of Bitcoin and this convenient and easy to use option is being embraced by players all across the US.

Using Bitcoin to make your casino deposits, as well as withdrawals is all so easily done. You´ll need two things to begin using Bitcoin, with the first of those being a casino that accepts BTC, and the second being a Bitcoin wallet, of which there are many to choose from. It´s worth pointing out now that Bitcoin is fully legal in the US, as it is in most countries and by using this virtual currency you are breaking no laws at all. Once you´ve opened your wallet you´ll need to buy Bitcoin, which is a simple process that´s done within your wallet, and then you´re all set up and good to go.

Making your first Bitcoin casino deposit is all so easy, and once you´ve completed that first transaction you´ll never go back to using your credit card again! The beauty of using BTC is that you´ll never receive a declined transaction message, meaning that for US players who may have had trouble using their cards in the past, this really is the perfect solution. In the casino cashier you simply choose the Bitcoin option and then follow the simple instructions, which will require you to send BTC from your new Bitcoin wallet to the casino, and the whole process is easier than even sending an email! Withdrawing your slots and games winnings is also a walk in the park, and unlike other methods such as check or bank wire, your casino winnings when sent to your via Bitcoin are with you in double quick time, usually within 24 hours.

Other major plus points are that Bitcoin is perfect for players large and small, it´s safe and secure and you´ll find that all casino and slots bonuses are all yours when using this method, with many casinos now offering special Bitcoin deposit bonuses on top. Bitcoin is shaking things up and changing the way we play online, and it´s all for the good!

Payment Methods for US Customers - 2024

There is a big mess over online gambling for US citizens. Online forums, casino and poker support lines are being bombarded with questions like these:
  • Can US residents still play at casinos online?
  • I have problems with MasterCard and I've heard about Pre-paid Gift Cards. Is it any good? Yes, several US friendly online casinos offer Pre-paid Gift Card Casino promotions.

  • I have a PayPal account, but it refuses to fund my casino account. What can be done?
  • How to play casino games (especially slots) for real money without a credit card? Can I use eCheck?
  • I know there is a new payment method called QuickTender. How can I register? What casinos accept QuickTender?

  • What casinos accept credit cards? What to do if my deposit request was rejected?
  • What are the best online casinos accepting credit cards?
  • How can I deposit money to play at online casinos?
  • What are the best online casinos that accept PayPal?
  • How to fund US money to gamble online? Are prepaid cards any good?
  • Can I use prepaid phone card to deposit money to my casino account? Where can I purchase one?
These are just a small sample, but you get the point - people from the US are confused. The reason is the recent gambling bill passed in October 2006 which prevents financial companies from dealing with online gambling. So currently, every online casino and poker provider is trying to decide how to deal with this new legal situation. We are monitoring events as they happen and continually update this page to inform our customers about the recent changes.

In any case, we would like to propose that you check the casino Cashier section for the solution that will allow you to deposit and get your winnings back. Sometimes the situation changes every day, and we are not able to trace the changes in the real time - online casino payment methods for US customers has never been more dynamic then today.

Major Credit Cards

Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are by far the most popular way to make your deposits into a US online casino. Using this method to make your deposits means that the cash is instantly available for use in the casino and of course, you'll always get a great welcome bonus on your first deposit. Should you ever experience a problem when using your Visa, MasterCard or even American Express then you should always contact the customer support team at your casino of choice, and they'll do their very best to help. Occasionally some players cards will be declined however this is nothing to do with your card in particular, but with your card issuer, and the support team will advise and assist.

Prepaid Cards

Many US online slots players are now using the convenient and hassle free method of prepaid Visa or MasterCard when making their casino deposits and these have many advantages over traditional credit cards. Prepaid cards are available in many places such as Walmart, convenience stores and gas stations and it's simply a case of getting your card and crediting it with cash at the cashier. Once done the card will then act just like a debit card in the casino cashier and there are no problems with declined transactions as long as your card is OK for international use...which almost all are however it's always worth asking when choosing your card. You'll then have the card and you may top it up as and when you wish, in fact many people are now using prepaid cards instead of carrying cash around as they are accepted wherever you see the Visa or MasterCard sign.

Person 2 Person Transfers

Person to Person transfers are a way of sending real cash to your online casino of choice and it's a surprisingly easy way to load your account. To use this method it's imperative that you first speak to the support team at your casino and they'll give you the information you need, and depending on the person to person method used by the casino you can make your transaction online, or at a convenient location for yourself.

EZ Voucher and Paste and Pay

EZ Voucher and Paste and Pay are exactly the same thing and it's simple and straightforward US casino depositing method that's growing massively in popularity. An EZ Voucher is similar to a prepaid gift card or debit card however it's a voucher that you actually purchase in the casino cashier and makes depositing so simple and swift. You simply select the 'voucher' option in the casino cashier and enter the required details, and within a few seconds your account is funded.

Payment Methods that are NOT Available for US Customers


PayPal does not accept gambling transactions directly. Read more about how to fund casino account with PayPal.


April 12, 2008 ePassporte has already closed its doors to US players. ePassporte was used by many online casino players for a while and poker players enjoyed ePassporte debit card until April 12, 2008 and alas, another good depositing method has left the arena. It looks like it's not an easy both for the company and players - some report difficulties retrieve the remaining funds.


The FireOne Group, provider of the FirePay electronic wallet, officially stopped accepting gambling transactions from US customers.


Instadebit stopped US gambling transactions January 19, 2007. No official statement available yet, but many players already have problems, trying to deposit money to the casino accounts with Instadebit.


Ah, Neteller, Neteller... There were days when it wasn't an issue to get Neteller account for US players and transfer funds both ways without a problem. Lots of things happened since then, and Neteller finally disappeared from the gambling market for US, Canada, and several other countries. It's even impossible to open Neteller at all.

Neteller's story is the biggest drama in the gambling financial history so far, so we are listing here the main points for your information.

July 2009 update: Neteller allows the transfer of money between different accounts.

July 1, 2007 update: U.S. customers finally started to get their money back from the frozen Neteller accounts. If you have Neteller funds, please be advised to act towards full money withdrawal, because this will be possible just until Jan. 26, 2008. Funds may be transferred to the bank account or sent to the mailing address as a check. NETeller will not charge withdrawal fees and sends emails to all US customers with withdrawal instructions.

May 4, 2007 update: Neteller announced about Neteller Card replacement. New card supposed to be less expensive then retired on May 3rd, 2007 the old one and expected to reach first customers by the end of the month.

April 26, 2007 update: Our clients report that Neteller blocked transactions between Neteller accounts and Neteller Cards. No official statement was made, the Neteller web site has no updates, but in the email sent to the Neteller customers they say: "Effective immediately, you will not be able to withdraw funds from your e-wallet to your NETELLER Card. However, you will have until May 2, 2007 to use the funds that are already on your Card. To avoid possible inconvenience, we highly recommend you use all of the existing funds on your Card before this date".

We tried to call Neteller support and all we got is recorded note "we are closed...please call later".

Great move, guys, if this is the way you treat your clients you should be wipe off the market as soon as possible!

March 26, 2007 update: Canadian citizens can no more use Neteller for gambling transactions. Neteller officials state that money are safe and may be used in any non gambling merchant sites. Cash withdrawals are possible, new accounts may be opened by Canadians too.

March 21, 2007 update: Neteller made official press release regarding returning US customers funds. The company claims it's financial situation is stable and the agreement regarding "orderly distribution of funds to its US customers" with United States Attorney's Office has been achieved. Withing next 75 days Neteller will announce the order and time lines of the US clients funds distribution.

On January 18, 2007 Neteller suspended its US online gambling service. US-Based players can not open new Neteller accounts and transfer funds to and from gambling sites. All US members will continue to be able to use their Neteller e-wallet account to safely transfer funds to and from non-gambling merchants and are not required to close their account or withdraw their funds.

In the press release made February 8, 2007 by the company Group President and CEO Ron Martin said "US customers wishing to withdraw funds from their Neteller e-wallet accounts will experience ongoing delays while these discussions continue, and a further update will be provided by the Group once effective repayment mechanisms are determined." and "The return of funds to our US customers is a top priority for Neteller". The full story may be found here.

According to the research we've made Neteller decision to leave US market is final and Neteller will not process casino gambling transactions in USA any more. US players are advised to switch to another e-wallet solution from the list above. November 2008 - NETELLER® e-wallet service is known now by its new name - NEOVIA ( This payment service has added many new currencies -AUD (Australia), BGN (Bulgaria), DKK (Denmark), EEK (Estonia), INR (India), LTL (Lithuania), LVL (Latvia), NOK (Norway), MXN (Mexico), HUF (Hungary), PLN (Poland), RON (Romania), JPY (Japan). USA based customers are not welcome to this new payment method with old policies. NETELLER Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for European Players

Citadel and myCitadel

They also announced its official exit from the US on January 17,2007.


MoneyBookers stopped accepting US gambling transactions on October 25. No official announcement has been made by the company.


The EcoCard life time was really short on the US market. They started to work with number of Microgaming casinos, but disappeared in August 2007.


UseMyBank has decided to step in line, despite the fact that they are a Canadian company and therefore not obligated to obey US legislation.

Central Coin

In spite of the fact that Central Coin officials claimed they will stay in business January 18, 2007 Central Coin stopped provide service to US customers.


PaySpark and EZIPay do not permit online gaming transactions for consumers resident in countries where online gaming or processing of online gaming transactions is considered illegal.

QuickTender (Ecocard)

European Users report that QuickTender is very user friendly and reliable. Give it a chance!

Note to US Players

Regardless of the payment method, there are a number of states where Americans cannot gamble online. Please refer to the list of states where gambling is restricted.