If you are American and you are sick of the depositing problems to your favorite casino or poker room, QuickTender is the possible answer to your problems. EcoCard users may feel deja vu - QuickTender website looks just like the Ecocard website and there is a good reason for that.

As you probably know EcoCard has left US market August 24, 2007 and here comes QuickTender as a EcoCard replacement. With all the similarity there is one huge difference - you cannot simply register on the QuickTender website and start depositing. As far as we could understand QuickTender tries to stay in US market by being "private club" and their history shows that it actually works!

In order to register you need to get an invitation from the casino representative - this is really simple. Download one of the QuickTender casinos mentioned below, get the real account number, apply to the support and request QuickTender invitation, providing real money account number you've just got. All the rest is the copy & paste procedure that takes minutes and at the end you are going to have reliable depositing and in some cases withdrawal payment method.

The bottom line : QuickTender offers additional way to deposit to online casino of your choice, but requires some extra steps to be performed and it's availability in the future is questionable.

QuickTender Casinos

If you want to deposit with QuickTender we may recommend you the following QuickTender online casinos:

QuickTender details

QuickTender founders has years of experience in the online and off line bank business. This is the key point and the major advantage of QuickTender - it knows how and works where others can't. Design to serve Americans, it has all the features US customers are used to and superior service level. Feel free to apply to your casino or poker vendor - they know the business from inside and can a) let you in and b) provide you with QuickTender service feedback and trust us - it is just great. So if you want to forget about rejections QuickTender is just the right choice for you.

QuickTender did not work for you?

Well, it definitely may happen. First of all don't panic, QuickTender is not the last payment solution. In fact, there are many payment methods for USA players , like for example brand new MoneyLineWallet Happy gambling!