Casino Games

Before the advent of online casinos, anyone could visit Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or other states in the US where they could play a myriad casino games. With over 1500 facilities, there are certainly enough casino games to choose from. Since then, the first online casino was launched in 1995, which triggered an avalanche of new online casinos available to players in the US and worldwide. With the number of online casinos increasing and with software technology offering new and more exciting games for players, casino games online have become more popular than land-based casinos in every way.

Casino Games Online Offer Players a Variety of Choices

Online Slots: Among the most popular of all casino games are slot machines. While land-based casinos make most of their money on slots, utilizing a percentage payout of around 88%, online casinos have the highest payout ratio of 98%. More importantly, it is the diversity of slot games that has attracted players to online casino gambling. Although there are the traditional 3-reel slots, online casinos offer a variety of 5-reel slots, bonus game slots, progressive slots, and i-slots. These games are interactive, superbly designed and offer animated graphics and sounds that are far superior to those found in land-based casinos.

Slot games can be played online for as little as one penny. To play slots at any of our top recommended online casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino and Jackpot Capital Casino - all you need to do is to register, download, and play. The welcome bonuses offered allow you to begin play immediately, and usually the deposit required is no more than $20. You can practice a particular slot game before playing for real money in order to familiarize yourself with the game. Reading the paytable is important to understand the game as well as the payout system. Whether there are 3 paylines or 50 paylines; online slots have become so technologically advanced that for most players, they far exceed their expectations.

Online Poker: Ever since the World Series of Poker has been shown on TVs across the nation, perhaps the most popular game players enjoy is Texas Hold’em. In fact, some of the most well-known poker players today began their quest for the WSOP bracelet by playing online poker. In keeping within the poker genre, online casinos also feature video poker. It is a fairly straight-forward game, utilizing poker and slots. Five cards are dealt, you select cards to hold; then deal yourself the remainder to reveal the best hand. At Bovada Casino, for example, you can such video poker games as 7 Stud Poker, Deuces Wild, Double Poker and All American Poker, to name a few. But the most popular online casino for poker players is Bovada poker, where their tournaments offer some of the highest payouts in online casino history. Online Blackjack: If you’ve every player traditional blackjack at a land-based casino, you know it takes patience and strategy. The odds are with you in this game, but understanding how to play is the first order of business. Playing online blackjack at any one of our recommended casinos offers players additional options. At Silver Oak Casino, you can join, download the casino, and play Vegas Strip Blackjack. This game incorporates existing Blackjack game features with more features designed to give players a variety of new options not available in a standard Blackjack game. Vegas Strip Blackjack game is the same as a Blackjack game with one exception: The game is played on a semi-circular table with 5 playing positions and wagers are placed in the circles provided. This version of blackjack is played with 6 Decks of cards (with the jokers removed) that are shuffled after the completion of every game. The basic rule of the game is to get a hand higher than the dealer without going over 21. If the face value of your cards is 21 or if the dealer's cards are lower than yours or higher than 21, you win.

Online Roulette: Another popular casino game is online roulette. Akin to playing the lottery, the only exception is that there are only 38 numbers. Players enjoy this online casino game because it is easy to play and because it’s online, takes less time than land-based casinos. The fun part is hoping that the number you select is the number the ball will land on, or the color, or the group of numbers chosen. It is a game of chance, but whether you play birth dates, favorite numbers, or ages – when you win – it’s the most exciting feeling in the world! Play online roulette at Sloto Cash Casino.

Slots, Poker, and Blackjack Tournaments Are Highly Prized Casino Games

While poker and blackjack online tournaments have been around for some time, it is the slot tournaments that have created a whirlwind of excitement for slot players. Take a look at any one of our recommended casinos, and you will find a slot tournament that you can participate in daily.

Win Palace Casino is offering daily, weekly and monthly slot tournaments exceeding $200,000!

In fact, all of our featured casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino,Drake Casino and MiamiClub Casino are offering fabulous daily and weekly slot tournaments as well.

Casino Games for the Masses

As we stated at the outset, there are over 1500 land-based casinos in operation today. However, there is no where else you can find casino games available to play from the comfort of your home, 24/7, than at online casinos. The casino games are superbly designed to engage and interact with the player. Besides, where else can you meet and chat with other players worldwide? Casino games are growing in leaps and bounds with exciting new features and lucrative payouts. Thus, choosing casino games online has never been easier. It’s a simple 3-step process – register, download, and play!