Strip Blackjack

If you know how to play regular Blackjack, then Strip Blackjack will be quite easy for you to play. Basically, the object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over 21, or, in blackjack terms - going “bust.” Moreover, it is a game of strategy as well because while trying to determine how many cards you will need to reach 21, you have to worry about the dealer's hand as well. Strip Blackjack is available at every casino offering blackjackgames.

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To play Strip Blackjack, you first have to place a bet. The minimum bet is usually $1 and the maximum is $500. It is also a multi-player game, which means that up to 5 players may be playing along with you or you can play all 5 hands yourself.  In front of you is a circle on the table, and it is there you place your bet. The dealer will then deal the cards and depending on what you have, you can ask for one or more cards called a “hit” or stay with the cards you have called “stand.” If you card total is higher than the dealer but below 21, you win. If you go over 21, you lose. If the dealer has 21, you lose.

Let's Play Strip Blackjack

To place a $1 bet, click on the $1 chip amount. Click on the deal button. Two cards are dealt to you face up. Two cards are dealt to the dealer, one of which is face down. If the card the dealer is showing is an Ace or picture card or 10, it is very likely the deal has blackjack. If he doesn't have blackjack, then you can continue the game by asking for another card or if you have a hand you think will beat the dealer – you will stand. If you have two of a kind, you have two choices: either split your hand betting on both hands, or double down. If you double down, you only receive 1 card. Keep in mind, the dealer has to stand on 17. If you both get 17, that's called a push. You don't lose your bet, but you don't win either. You can also take out insurance on your bet if you think the dealer has 21. If he has 21, the insurance pays out 2 to 1.

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PS: Here's a tip: If the deal has a 6 showing, click on the hit button!