English Harbour Casino - Welcome Bonus Explained

Deciding upon what online casino you are going to join depends largely on the quality of the casino games, service and support, and most importantly - bonuses. English Harbour welcome bonus features offers more than most. However, to fully appreciate these bonuses, here is an overview of how they work and what is required to maximize their benefits.

Welcome Bonus and Registration

Upon registering at English Harbour, an account is set up combining two components: a cash account (monies you deposit) and a casino credit account (bonuses you receive).

English Harbour offers a 100% welcome bonus match of up to $800 on the first four deposits. The 1st deposit through the 4th deposit affords you a 100% match up to $200.

The bonuses can be used to place bets but cannot be redeemed for cash. Thus, when you place a bet using your bonus credits and win, the initial bet will be returned to your bonus account while the winnings will be sent to your cash account. Sounds easy enough, right?

EASY to Understand Bonus Terms and Conditions

Most casinos have Terms and Conditions which should be read before you open an account. At English Harbour Casino, the bonus terms and conditions are quite explicit.

All bonuses have a minimum dollar value of wagers that must be reached before you will be permitted to withdraw. This is referred to as the 'wagering requirement'

For example, English Harbour offers a 100% match bonus and has a minimum wagering requirement of 20x (bonus value + deposit value). If you deposit $50 into your account you will receive an additional $50 bonus giving you $100 to wager with. How does this translate during betting?

Let's take a slot game as an example. You deposit $50; the casino matches it with $50. You have a total of $100 with which to bet. Based upon their requirements, you must place 20 bets @ $100 per bet or $2000 total wager requirement.

English Harbour makes it easy for you to accomplish this goal by offering bonuses on the first four deposits. All four offer a 100% match up to a maximum of $200 each in bonus credits. Therefore, these credits and your deposit can be used to meet the minimum wager of 20 bets. There is no expiration date on these bonuses and will be added to your account after your deposit is received.

Loyalty Bonuses Galore!

In addition, English Harbour offers tiers or Loyalty Bonuses from 5% to 100%. Moreover, they also have bonuses for Level 3 players, Elite Loyalty, Premium Loyalty, Gold Loyalty, and Platinum Loyalty. Each of these levels offers a significant bonus and you can read the requirements at the casino site page. It should be noted, however, that bonuses cannot be accumulated, and every bonus you receive must be used before new bonuses are issued.

Again, English Harbour presents their bonus structure in a way that anyone can understand and follow. That's why this casino is touted as one of the best online casinos to date. If you love slot play, and want to avail yourself of a multitude of bonuses - which is icing on the proverbial cake - then check out English Harbour Casino.