Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the terrific Blackjack variants available online. It is available at most of the Microgaming family of casinos, including 32Red Casino, Hippodrome Casino and Betway Casino among others.

Look and Sound of the Game

As with all Microgaming games, Vegas Strip Blackjack is a smoothly function game that looks very good. The felt is textured and the table is exceedingly realistic in its markings and execution. The cards are standard casino-style, and perfectly rendered. The sounds are controllable. Game sounds of cards being shuffled and turned and casino background noise may be toggled on or off separately. The sound is quite good, and contributes to the experience of the game play, but the jazz music that is part of the casino background noise gets a bit cloying quite quickly. We toggled the casino noise off pretty quickly and opted for the iPod instead, making for a lovely evening of cards, margaritas and music.

Vegas Strip Rules

Vegas Strip plays like any other Blackjack game. The majority of the rules are identical to the standard interpretations of the game, but there are a few variations that are beneficial to the player. Vegas Strip differs from other Blackjack games in the following ways:

  • Dealer Always Checks for Blackjack – When the dealer’s card is showing an Ace, a Ten or any Face Card, the dealer checks for Blackjack. In most other variants, the dealer will only check if an Ace is showing. This extra check allows players to minimize their losses.
  • Dealer Stands on 17 – In this game, the dealer must hit on all 16s and stand on 17s.
  • Player May Double on Any Cards – After the initial deal of two cards per hand, the player has the option of doubling at his or her own discretion. In most Blackjack variants doubling is only allowed if the initial combination amounts to 10 or 11.
  • Player May Re-split Twice – The player is able to re-split hands twice in this game, making it potentially possible to split a single hand into four hands. The re-split rule, however, does not apply to Aces – they may be split only once.

Game Play

Vegas Strip plays exactly like other Blackjack games. Because it is a well thought-out game, it functions smoothly and well. Like the sounds, card animations may be toggled on or off, but we did not find that they caused any issue with our computer, and they look really good. Again, it is part of being drawn into the game. There are five seats at the table, each of which accepts a bet from the player should he or she chooses to play multiple hands. When five points are played, the game really looks awesome and it develops the feel of a real Las Vegas Blackjack table, but with $5 minimum bets, that field is a bit to rich for us, so we stuck to one or two hands for most of the night.

Overall Impressions

We are Blackjack players, and we truly enjoy playing the game, in brick-and-mortar casinos and in online establishments. This game functions with the best. The rule variations are minor, and they are nice for the player. Vegas Strip is a top notch online Blackjack game, and we recommend it highly to all card fans. So pour yourself a tall cold one, settle into your favorite gaming chair, and log into a Microgaming property tonight for some exciting Blackjack action!