Clearplay System at Best Microgaming Casinos

In an important development in the online gaming world, Microgaming casinos has just introduced the ClearPlay Microgaming casino bonus system. As its name suggests, ClearPlay is designed to make your experience, as a player, easier, and to simplify accounting procedures for bonus credits.

At its heart, ClearPlay makes a simple division in each player’s casino account, creating a cash balance and a bonus balance. A player’s deposits are counted in the cash balance; bonus funds are put into the bonus balance, and as wagering requirements are met, these funds are transferred to the cash balance. Both balances are always available for game play.

For the player, the most important feature of this new system is the ease it allows in making withdrawals. Any funds in the cash balance can be withdrawn from the casino account; as long as there are funds in the cash balance, there is no need to wait for permission for a withdrawal to be processed.

ClearPlay has simplified matters in other ways, too. With this system, Best Microgaming casinos will now allow players to meet their wagering requirements on any game in the casino, even formerly restricted games such as Blackjack or Video poker. With ClearPlay, Microgaming casinos are putting the choices back in the players’ hands.

All of this puts the flexibility and decision making of the casino experience back where it belongs: with the players. At a ClearPlay Microgaming casino, the player can keep track of his own bonus and wager requirements through the banking section of the software, and choose which games to play, or how much to withdraw, at his own discretion. It’s the excitement of online gaming, joined to the power to make things happen.