Return to Player

What does Return to Player signify? The RTP is the rate of return a player would receive playing an online casino game. For example, if the Return to Player is 90% on a slot machine you would receive $90 for every hundred dollars you play. It is a known fact that the percentage rate at land-based casinos is lower than online casinos. Thus, when you are playing slots at any one of our online casinos, you can expect the RTP to be in the neighborhood of 98%. Another thing you must realize is that even though a slot machine percentage is high, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will play through all the different winning combinations in order to reach the highest level of RTP. However, having said that, it is a known fact that high stakes slots payout higher percentages than their counterparts. But, when playing slot games with high percentages you still have to stay within the limits of your budget because there is no guarantee that you will win. Online slots use random number generators, so the odds of winning depend largely on the machine as well as the completion of the cycle resulting in a win.