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Whenever someone tells us “The best is yet to come,” we respond with “The best is already here!” During the course of


, Sunshine Slots has reviewed some of the best online casinos ever to grace the internet. While we always look forward to new and exciting online casinos to emerge, we cannot help but return to our list of recommended casinos. They have consistently shown superiority in gaming, customer support, welcome bonuses, promotions, and overall superior quality that engages and challenges players to experience the ultimate gaming pleasure. But, this being the new year, we thought we would list the four of the Best USA Online Casinos so that any of you who are new to the online casino gaming world can join these casinos, from the oldest to the newest.

When we looked at all our USA casinos, one thing stood out the most. The size of the welcome bonuses at the Best USA online casinos keep growing with each year. Cherry Red is a perfect example. No other bonus attracts players more than welcome bonuses, and the emergence of no deposit bonuses has allowed potential players to test the waters as well.

Another contributing factor making up the Best USA online casinos are the tournaments. We have seen prize pools as high as $300,000, and we are sure that even that number will be surpassed this New Year. Freeroll tournaments have also become the new attraction for online players, and we look forward to these tournaments increasing in size as well.

Perhaps one of the most important criteria that we consider when selecting the best USA online casinos are their payment options. Over the years, it has been increasingly difficult to use credit cards as a method of payment for most USA players. However, we expect to see a strong showing of prepaid cards as the new method of payment for online casinos. They are easy to use, secure, safe, and offer an alternative to the more traditional types of payment methods offered by online casinos today.

In the software category, Sunshine Slots has always featured casinos using RTG, and WGT – all of whom are USA brand casinos. We showcase these casinos the most because they offer the most to our American players. We look forward to new innovations and creative designs that serve to enhance the gaming experience for our players.

As new casinos emerge in


, Sunshine Slots will be here to review them as well as their games, payment methods, customer support, software, bonuses and promotions. But always, we will continue to preserve those casinos that have afforded USA players not only the opportunity to play online, but to experience online gaming at its best.

As we look ahead, we will also be looking for online casinos that break the technological barrier that goes beyond downloading to PCs and Macs, mobile and cell phones, but that provides new interactive technology that embraces all forms of media-based game play.

The Best


USA Online Casinos list will continue to grow and Sunshine Slots looks forward to providing you with the very latest in online casino, technology, and games.