Tips for Success When Playing Live Casino Games

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Everyone wants to be successful playing live casino games and cash slots online. The pros know there is more to winning than simply being lucky.

Avoid Distractions

The best time to try and online casino for real money, one with a live dealer, is when you're alone. Wait until children are sleeping or at school. Turn off your phone or doorbell. Having a silent area for your gaming is going to help you focus on the game. Head to the bathroom before you play, so that you're not suddenly in the middle of a game and really have to go.

Comfort is Key

To win at live online casino in US areas, you need to be comfortable. Start with lighting, lighting does affect comfort. If a room is too brightly lit, it may cause glare, but if it's too dim, your eyes may strain over time. You also need a comfortable chair, preferably one with lumbar support.

If you're playing and your back or legs start aching, you're not going to be completely focused on the other players and the dealer in your live game. For this reason, make sure you get up and walk around or stretch between games.

Keep Emotions Out of the Game

There's a trick many professionals use to know when to push for a win. They watch players for the signs of a melt down. If you're playing, as soon as you feel tension building, feel angry, or become very tense with a bet you've made or are about to make, it's time to walk away, even if it's just for a few minutes. Take a break and switch to a new game or room when you return.

Know When to Stop

Before you start playing, set a time limit. Having a timer nearby really helps make sure you don't play for longer than you planned. When you make a deposit at your favorite live online casino, deposit only as much money as you're comfortable losing. Once the money is gone, turn off your computer and walk away. If you use casinos that take echecks or credit cards, don't be tempted to deposit more simply because they've offered to match it. If possible, stick to online casinos that accept VISA gift cards so that you don't have more money to spend.

If you do win money, it's a good rule of thumb to only risk 10% of your winnings. If you've won $250, don't gamble more than $25 of your prize. Once that $25 is gone, stop playing.