Playing Casino Games in Louisiana

Louisiana’s gambling industry as a whole as bloomed since full legalization in the 1990’s. Before legalization Louisiana always had gambling in one form or another and although illegal at the time it was still big business. Gambling has always contributed to both the rich history of the state and to its economy and since regulation gambling has become a key factor in the states economy creating millions in tax revenue and plenty of jobs at the same time. Through accusations of corruption and finger pointing, Louisiana has put all that behind it and residents of this fine state can enjoy playing casino games in many places both in some fantastic land based casinos, race tracks and riverboats.

Land Based Casinos in Louisiana

When it comes to playing casino games in a land based establishment in Louisiana, residents and tourists alike are spoiled for choice. There are no restrictions on what type of games may be offered and you’ll find table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Poker and many more available. There’s also plenty of slots on offer as well as video poker and other electronic games. Race tracks are limited to slots but still many thousands of Louisiana residents visit them each day. The main types of land based casino in Louisiana are the riverboat casinos and the typical brick and mortar land based casino. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the riverboat casinos are small boats on the river as they have now fully expanded into resort style casinos with hotels, dining options and entertainment available. Sam’s Town Casino is a good example of what a riverboat casino has to offer. Located on the Red River, Sam’s Town has a 23 storey hotel, four restaurants to choose from and a huge amount of slots and table games, all in idyllic settings. The Belle of Baton Rouge is also extremely popular and highly recommended. The Coushatta Casino resort is among the biggest and is simply stunning. Offering over 100,000 square feet of gaming space this tribal casino will offer casino fans absolutely everything including slots, table games, poker, live bingo and even off track betting. There’s plenty of entertainment and even an award winning golf course. There are plenty more casinos in Louisiana and this is just a small example of what you may find when playing casino games in the state at land based casinos.

Online Casinos for Residents of Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the very few states of the union that actually mentions online gambling in its penal code. Maybe because the state is trying to protect its land based casino revenue streams that law actually does state that online gambling in Louisiana is illegal. However, do not worry too much as no-one has ever been prosecuted and the maximum penalty is a fine of $500. It’s difficult to see how anyone could ever be prosecuted for online gambling as the state certainly does not have the access required to monitor and check whether residents are doing this. There is no law at federal level and there are many online casinos that welcome residents of the state with state of the art casino software, welcome bonuses, fantastic games and great rewards. However, by the letter of the law it is illegal, but this has not been challenged in court yet and we doubt whether it ever will be. Many states in the US are in fact going through the process of regulating online gambling themselves and three have already done so. New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have all passed laws that allow online gambling in one form or another, and it will not be long before many states join them.

Casino Games in Louisiana Summary

Residents of Louisiana have it pretty good when it comes to enjoying playing casino games and with some of the best land based options in the entire US they are enjoyed by thousands of people each and every day. They give the economy a welcome revenue stream and provide many jobs. Whilst online gambling may be illegal by the letter of the law, it is also an option that many residents do take advantage of.