Playing Casino Games in Kansas

Kansas has a rich gambling history, stretching back to the saloons of the 19th century, and luckily for those residents of Kansas who enjoy playing casino games, that history means that this state has very relaxed laws when it comes to playing casino games. Relaxed that is, if you are playing them in a licensed casino, of which there are many, but not so relaxed outside of them, in fact under Kansas law it is illegal to even play poker at home for real money. Kansas now boasts an array of modern casinos, some of the best in the US in fact, and they are owned by Indian tribes as well as the state. With no restrictions on playing casino games online then Kansas is a great state to enjoy casino entertainment.

Land Based Casinos in Kansas

As mentioned, in Kansas you will find casinos that are owned by the state and by Indian tribes and all of them will offer the whole package as far as casino games are concerned. You’ll find plenty of slots and a fine selection of table games including the popular blackjack, roulette, craps and poker. Many of them will also offer musical and comedy acts and most will offer a few good dining options, spas and golf courses. The Prairie Brand Casino and Resort has a 297 room hotel, 3 restaurants and 35,000 square feet of gaming space that contains 1,100 slot machines and 31 table games. The Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway has a huge 100,000 square feet of gaming area available with over 2,000 slots and video poker machines with no less than 52 gaming tables and 25 poker tables. These are just two examples of what you can find when looking to play casino games in a land based casino in Kansas, and as you can see, the casino industry in this state is indeed big business. The laws that passed in the early 1990’s that allowed state owned casinos as well as those on Indian land gave a massive boost to the economy and created plenty of jobs meaning that when it comes to casinos Kansas is one of the more forward thinking and progressive states.

Online Casinos for Residents of Kansas

The state of Kansas has absolutely no laws regarding playing casino games online. Whilst some states have gone out of their way to demonize it and other have embraced it with plans to regulate it themselves then Kansas is neutral on the subject. As there is no law against it then many Kansas residents enjoy online casino games regularly and there are plenty of online casinos that welcome them. There are many reputable online casinos with plenty of online slots, video poker and all the table games you can imagine. Some will go a lot further too, offering bingo, scratch cards and skill games. You will also find that they offer a welcome bonus and regular reload bonuses and promotions. These state of the art offering are enjoyed by casino games fans across the US and residents of Kansas are no different with thousands of players logging in each day.

Casino Games in Kansas Summary

In summary, as we can see, the fine state of Kansas is a great place to play casino games no matter what you favorite game or whether you enjoy playing it online or in a land based casino. With fantastic facilities available in the land based establishments and a warm welcome from many online casinos the residents of the state have many casino game options.