Playing Casino Games in Colorado

The state of Colorado is a friendly place to be if you enjoy playing casino games. As far as land based casinos go, you’ll find over 40 over them located within state borders and the larger establishments have a superb game offering. There are no laws against residents playing online either, with the only law in existence in the states regarding online gambling being the UIGEA bill which makes it illegal for financial institutions in the US to transact with online casinos located offshore,, and that does not affect residents of Colorado, no matter how it is interpreted. There have in fact been recent changes in the law in Colorado fairly recently which saw the expansion of gambling within the state and the much needed economic boost it gave to several towns that were on the verge of becoming ghost towns.

Land Based Casinos in Colorado

There has been a steady growth in land based casinos, both in the amount of them and indeed what they are allowed to offer. Laws were relaxed in the early nineties which led to a large increase in investment in this area and certain historical areas of the state were indeed saved by the expansion of land based casinos. Gold mining towns such as Black Hawk, Cripple Creek and Central City were on the brink of disappearing until these changes in the laws. When laws were relaxed a maximum stake of just $5 was placed on any wager and many residents thought this a little too low, although slots and video poker players were happy with that limit, it wasn’t really good for table games players. The limit on wagering amounts went to a vote and that got changed, moving up to $100, making Colorado more of an attractive proposition when it came to gambling and tourism. These land based casinos have really expanded due to these changes and now plenty of casino game variety is to be found. Table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Craps are thoroughly enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike and there’s also a vast amount of slots that can be played too. Poker has also expanded due to the changes and some of the larger casinos such as The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk and the Midnight Rose Casino in Cripple Creek now offer separate poker rooms with games of high and low stakes. Let’s not forget the racetracks too and residents may enjoy both horse wagering and electronic games at the three state licensed establishments.

Online Casino for Residents in Colorado

With such a great offering as far as land based casinos are involved, the news just gets better when playing online casino games is included. The laws regarding playing in an online casino are blurry are best but what is for sure is that as a resident of Colorado you will not breaking any laws by playing in an online casino, your only issue may be which one to choose from as there are plenty of great, safe and secure online casinos that welcome residents of Colorado. Online casinos offer a fantastic alternative to playing in land based establishments and have a huge variety of games including all the popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and many more. You will also find an amazing array of online slots, catering for whatever your taste may be including classic 3 reel slots, modern video slots and progressive jackpots. You will be offered a welcome bonus when signing up and making your first deposit and rewarded with good customer support and rewards for your loyalty. It is an option that many casino games players enjoy in Colorado.

Casino Games in Colorado Summary

To summarize, residents of Colorado get the best of both worlds when enjoying playing casino games, online and offline they will be pretty much spoiled for choice. There are many states in the Union regulating, or at least discussing the regulation of online casinos in the US at present, with three states already having done so. This may happen in Colorado one day, however it makes little difference as the existing online casinos will be very hard to beat.

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