Playing Casino Games in Hawaii

Playing casino games in Hawaii is a tough task with residents only having the choice to either take a trip to another US state or to play their casino games of choice online. As you will see, there are no land based casinos on the islands and Hawaii has a very tough stance on gambling of all kinds. Gambling is extremely limited with only bingo and raffles being permitted with sports wagering allowed when certain conditions are met. Playing poker for real money is also illegal and there are no card rooms with social or home games being permitted as long as no-one is making a profit from them.

Land Based Casinos in Hawaii

As mentioned, there are no land based casinos in Hawaii and there never has been, making playing casino games in a real life environment on the islands impossible. Hawaii and Utah are the only two states of the union which make land based gambling 100% illegal and in most states you’ll at least find a lottery, horse racing or a few slots but not in Hawaii. This is quite possibly due to the religious nature of the islands that have a strong Mormon influence that dates back to the discovery of the islands. There have been many attempts to legalize and regulate casino style gambling in the state but these proposals never get very far. In 2007 a bill was proposed so that native Islanders could claim land in Hawaii and govern it as they see fit, much like in many US states where Indian tribes own the land, however, even in that bill, the DoJ made it very clear that should it have passed there would still be no gambling permitted on the land. Another issue is that of tourism and the fact the islands have a booming tourist industry means that there is no need for the introduction of land based casinos to help it along. When all factors are combined, in that tourism doesn’t need them, religious groups and many locals don’t want them and the politicians have in some cases tried and failed to get them, then it’s looking like there will not be land based casinos in the state of Hawaii for some considerable amount of time. This means that for Hawaii residents who wish to enjoy playing casino games then their best option is to play them online.

Online Casinos for Residents of Hawaii

Playing casinos online is the only viable option for residents of the state and it’s a great option to have. Online gambling of any form has never been mentioned in the Hawaii penal code and there is no law at federal level against any resident of the US in doing this. There are many online casinos that accept and indeed welcome Hawaiians and when they sign up to one they’ll get some great benefits too. There’s always a welcome bonus available as well as regular promotions, rewards and competitions that all add to the excitement of playing in an online casino. When it comes to games you’ll find a huge array on offer with absolutely everything that you could think of including popular table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and plenty more. There’s also plenty of slots, all online casinos have an amazing choice of online slots, from 3 reel classics to modern day 5 reel video slots with fantastic features and mind blowing graphics. It’s a simple sign up, deposit and play process that many residents of Hawaii already use and gives them many hours of fun and excitement.

Casino Games in Hawaii Summary

Playing casino games in Hawaii leaves residents with the only option of playing online, and, and it’s a very good choice to have. Land based casinos will not be around in the state for many years to come, if at all. Even the cruise ships that go around the islands do not have casinos on board. Hawaii does not need casinos at the moment, and whilst there are arguments for and against, the against have a huge advantage at the moment.

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