Playing Casino Games in California

California is simply one of the best states in the Union when it comes to playing casino games. With a huge population of over 37 million people California is the largest state and to cater for those wishing to enjoy casino entertainment it has the second largest amount of casinos with only Nevada boasting ,more. The casinos are owned and operated by Native American Indian tribes and they are 100% legal and regulated by the California Gambling Control Commission. The Commission was set up to "create a state agency to license card clubs and casinos operating within the state", and based around that of Nevada, meaning that you’ll find every casino game available. Californians are treated to online casinos too and with these two offerings combined Cali is one of the most friendly states when it comes to all types of gambling.

Land Based Casinos in California

Taking the above into account then, you not be surprised to hear that playing casino games in California casino is an extremely pleasurable experience. At present there are 89 fully licensed gambling establishments in the state and these range from card rooms, tribal casinos and indeed charitable organizations that offer bingo. The large casinos will offer absolutely everything from fine dining and entertainment, weekend stays and of course the casino games. They will include table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Pia Gow and Three Card Stud as well as an astounding array of Slots and Video Poker machines. At present there are over 65,000 licensed machines in California....just a few too many for us to list here, but needless to say there is every type of slot available to enjoy, from classic 3 reel slots, modern 5 reel video slots and of course the huge progressive jackpot slots. These land based casinos offer plenty of monthly promotions and many offer loyalty and rewards schemes too, just like online casinos, in fact many of the slots you’ll find in California casinos are to be found online too.

Online Casinos for Residents of California

There are many options should you wish to play casino games online from the state of California. The state has no laws at all against playing in an online casino and there is of course no law at Federal level either, meaning that Californians are free to enjoy casino games at an online casino of their choice. And what a choice they have as there are plenty that welcome residents of the state with open arms. All online casinos will offer a similar game selection as to what you will find in a land based casino and these state of the art offerings boast a huge online slots variety with classics, video slots and progressive slots, just like the land based casinos. You’ll also find plenty of table games too meaning that they really do cater for everyone. Many states in the US are considering regulating online gaming themselves and three have already done so with Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey already having signed regulatory bills. California has debated this issue on several occasions and is in fact one of the more forward thinking states when it comes to the issue of online gambling.

Casino Games in California Summary

In summary California is one of the better states for playing casino games. The land based casinos offer stunning entertainment and let’s not forget that they also contribute massively to the Californian economy, bringing in millions of tax revenue dollars and creating thousands of jobs. When playing online casino games you are placed under no restrictions and there are plenty available that will cater for Cali residents.

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