Republican vs. Democrat Platform

Now that the two conventions are over, it is very clear what side Romney and the Republicans are on when it comes to the legalization of online gambling. While the Republicans have given a definitive answer NO to every piece of legislation including online gambling; the Democrats have not made any reference to legalizing online gambling in their platform. Thus, they not only leave open the legal question related to this specific topic, but have not closed their minds to any possibilities. This is why it is so very important to have a majority of Democrats in the House and in the Senate so that the 60 vote rule, if continued, would ensure the adoption of repealing the UIGEA Law. In the mean time, individual states are coming to terms with the fact that much needed revenue can be achieved through online gambling and are making great strides to propose bills that would best serve their states overall. Although the Congress returns to session on Sept. 10, we doubt that they will address any gambling bills at this time.

American Jobs Act

In fact, we are sure that anything that would help President Obama with the economic recovery or any other bills pending will not be addressed in this session of Congress. The American Jobs Act was given to these legislators a year ago, and they refuse to act on it. No one can blame the President for not trying to create more jobs. If anything, one has to blame the Republican Congress and Senate for obstructionism. And don’t for one minute think that candidate Romney won’t adopt the Republican Platform and repeal all bills that have heretofore been signed into law in the last four years - with one exception - the UIGEA Law.