Go for Gold Slots - 3 reel, 1 payline slot

You could argue that slots players and Olympic athletes actually have a lot in common, although it would be a very tough argument to win. But they definitely do have one very strong common trait; they are both always going for the gold. Go for Gold Slots, a relatively new 3 reel, 1 payline slot inspires perseverance and overcoming the odds to achieve a personal best, but this time with the big win and not with the fastest relay. What makes Go for Gold Slots so exciting, aside from the Olympic look and feel, are the good odds in your favor. You're not competing against professionals from China, Russia and the USA for the big win; it's just you and the computer going head to head.

To Go for Gold, you have to Work Hard

This slot is perfect for those who love a classic, 3 reel bonus slot. With a minimum bet of 10 cents and a maximum of $30, just like an athlete in training, you can work your way up the pay scale as you become better and better familiar with the odds. But also just like an athlete, it's important to give it your all, which means increasing your chances at the big win. To do this, it's worth betting all three coins, regardless of what coin size you're using. For the best value, play To Go for Gold at one of Wager Gaming Technology casinos and Go for Gold!

At Go for Gold, Everyone Comes out a Winner

As opposed to the real Olympics, where inevitably someone always goes home a loser, at Go for Gold, you're always a winner, especially when you hit the Bonus Round. Just one symbol of the Torch of Victory triggers the Bonus Round when you bet three coins. When the Bonus Round is triggered you have three chances to choose from the ring of gold coins. At any point you can keep your choice or select again. If your next choice is higher you keep it, if not, you keep the smaller prize. But either way, you can't lose. The Go for Gold symbol is wild here and pays 2X the winnings, or 4X if you spin 2 wilds topping out at 2400 credits!

The Venue Matters

Just like the US boycotted the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics and the Soviets retaliated by boycotting the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games, so too, you need to choose your casino very carefully when you download Go For Gold Slots. Liberty Slots Casino is a super place to go first, as their 100% sign up bonus is a great way to put your money to good use. With amazing tournaments and a stellar VIP plan, this is a perfect casino to Go for Gold.