A New Apple TV Device on the Horizon

While we do not normally focus our attention on TV devices, the Apple TV device is worth mentioning only because it will intertwine with online casinos. Designed for gamers, this device will have a huge potential in the mobile gaming market. We all know that Apple always has a vision for the future. This device will be the next generation of mobile devices on a larger scale. Players will have access to these TV devices, giving them even more access to games. Moreover, since online casinos are now going mobile, the Apple TV Device will play a huge role in the casino industry. Thus, a player will be able to scan the Apple app store and find casino apps in the hundreds. Add to this the bonuses that will become available, and you have a complete package for mobile gamers.

The price of this Apple TV Device is estimated to be around $150.

Amazon’s New Fire Tablet

Coincidentally, Amazon is coming out with a 7” iPad for $50. Yes, $50. What makes this iPad so interesting is that it is also being sold as a 6-pack, meaning that you can buy six of these iPads for $249.95, making video conferencing readily available to all. It also has 8GB of memory as well as a micro SD card. Why mention this new mobile device? Because of what caught my eye when I read the stats. Along with this new tablet, an Amazon Underground is also being launched. This is an app store where you will be able to access over $10K in games, apps, and free apps as well. No doubt, online gamers will also find this device very hard to pass up.