VR Casinos : What’s This All About?

A recent article stated that VR (Virtual Reality) casino gaming will turn the world of casino games upside down. Citing that many of the hundreds of casino games are old and need to be updated, along with providing players with a more thrill-seeking and lucrative experience, VR casinos are intent on creating what they call "killer apps." Their emphasis is on building and creating ne games and experiences "designed specifically for the new medium." The Apps are this new medium. It is felt that creating new gaming designs instead of updating old ones is the key to success. While this may not happen today, there are plans afoot, sometime in the future, for VR casinos to become reality. They have referred to this new medium as revolutionary. While this may be a foregone conclusion, we do not see this happening in the very near future, but perhaps many years from now. It's an interesting concept and one we would embrace when and if it occurs.