Loosest Slots on Bovada

There is a term used mostly in land-based casinos that describe slots as "loose." These slots are usually found near the exit of a casino, or a stand-alone slot, or a slot at the end of a cascade of slot machines. However, did you know that loose slots can also be found at online casinos, specifically Bovada Casino ? In this review, we will outline what those slots are and why they are called loose slots.

What Exactly is a Loose Slot Machine?

For online casinos, the Return to Player is the best indicator of whether a slot is loose or tight. If the Return to Player is the slot is 97% or above, the slot would be considered loose. On the other hand, if the slot is between 95% and 96%, it would be regarded as an average slot. To determine the tightness of a slot, the Return to Player would be below 94%.

Do Most Online Casinos Give Players the RTPs for Slot Games?

Actually, no. However, I did review a handful of online casinos that had a link called Game Reviews. It is here that the RTP was shown for every single slot game. While you can search endlessly for the RTP of a slot game, we have done the work for you. We do know that, for example, Real Time Gaming's RTP average is 96% and above. Microgaming , NtEnt, Rival, and Betsoft have similar RTPs. The fact is that land-based casinos have lower RTPs than online casinos. It is also interesting to note that for Real Time Gaming, they have three levels of RTPs. In this case, it is the land-based casino that makes the call.

Are the RTPs Posted for Slot Games the Actual Number?

Yes, they are. Any provider that posts an RTP for a game can be fined if they give out false information.

Do Online Providers Have the Option of Changing the RTP?

Yes, they do. While they are not allowed to alter the slots in any way, they can undoubtedly select different settings permitted by the provider. These settings for RTPs can be loose, tight, or average.