Premier Roulette

If roulette is your game then the brand new Premier Roulette from Microgaming is the name. Beautifully designed in 3D, this new roulette table is quit stunning and more realistic than the current roulette tables you are used to playing. This particular variation is based on the European model and offers many new features. These include:

  • A 3D wheel
  • Zoom and auto play
  • Game Speed Control
  • Custom settings that can be saved
  • History of previous spins
  • Game Play Percentages
  • A variety of chip sizes ranging from 25¢ to $200

Table Features

To the left of the roulette wheel, you will find a video zoom button, a win details button, a game speed button that can be set on “normal” or “turbo,” and a table button. The numbers called will appear to the right of the roulette wheel. On the lower right hand side of the screen, you will find the play buttons as well as an “expert” button. You will be able to save up to five of your favorite bet combinations so you can quickly re-bet. Simply click on the "expert" button on the right to select the advanced options. There you will see "edit layout" where you can edit and save your customized bets. Premier Roulette also allows you to change the wheel and background color to one six choices. Finally, you can keep tabs on your at the Premier Roulette wheel and your success on a certain number in Premier Roulette's statistics feature. Simply click on the "statistics" button and a large window will open up displaying all the information you need in a large and clear table.

Play Premier Roulette

Experience roulette in an entirely new and exciting way by downloading and playing Premier Roulette. It is as real as if you were sitting at a table in a Las Vegas casino.