Tri Card Poker

Before playing Tri-Card Poker, I suggest you practice play it for a while until you are entirely familiar with the game and come as close as you can to mastering it.

What are the Initial Steps to Play Tri-Card Poker?

  • Follow these steps to play Tri Card poker online.
  • First, Place Your Ante (Bet). Put your chips in the Ante betting circle, thus beginning with your starting bet.
  • Deal to Get Your Cards: After you made your bet click on Deal. You will get three cards to face up, and the Dealer receives three cards face down.
  • Next Move: Depending upon the first three cards you receive, you have three options:
  • If you raise to continue the game
  • If you double your ante (bet)
  • If you fold and forfeit your ante and end the round
  • Open the Final Curtain: If you choose to raise and face the Dealer, you must follow these rules.

Rules of the Game

You and the Dealer will face off in this game. For the Dealer to qualify, he or she has to have a Queen or higher. If the Dealer qualifies, you win if you have a better hand. Your win depends upon your ante bet plus your raise. But, if the Dealer has a better hand than you, the round is lost, including your ante and raise.

What if the Dealer Doesn't Have a Queen or Higher?

If this is the scenario, you win on your ante and the raise no matter what your poker hand equals.

Use the Pair Plus Bet

The Pair Plus Bet is made at the beginning of the game when you place your bet. The good news is that regardless of what he or she has or doesn't have, and you have opted into the pair plus bet; you can still win if your three cards consist of the following: pair, a flush, a straight, a straight flush, or three of a kind.