Progressive Jackpots Real Money Slots

Among the slot games at online casinos, the progressive slot is the most popular. Playing for real money can net players thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. While winning these progressive slots requires luck and large bets, I know players who have won these slot games on a single spin. So it is certainly possible that you, too, can do the same.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are many types of progressive jackpots. There is the Random Progressive Jackpot that players can win at any time. There are the quadruple progressive jackpots - Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini; and there are special titled progressive jackpots such as Super Slots, Cash Grab, and others.

How Do I Win Playing Progressive Jackpots Slots for Real Money?

Listed below are some tips that you can utilize to assist you in becoming the BIG winner at Slots.LV Casino.

  • Max Betting
  • As I have often said in my reviews of progressive slot games, betting the max is the way to go. But there are some of these slots where the max bet is so high that many players can't afford to go the whole hog. So my answer to that problem is to start small and build up your winnings until you can afford to bet the max.
  • Random Jackpots and Jackpots Hit at a Certain Amount
  • There are those progressive slot games you can win at random during the base game, and there are progressive slots wherein if the jackpot reaches a certain amount, you can win. A new type of progressive slot, this jackpot has become very popular among players.
  • Select Games with a High Return to Player
  • When I review slot games, I always include the RTP or Return to Player. The percentage gives players a better chance of hitting the progressive jackpot. The higher the RTP, such as 98%, the opportunity to win becomes higher.
  • Check out the Progressive Slot Games that Haven't Hit Yet
  • with the Random Number Generator in play, there isn't a set time that a progressive jackpot would pay off. But, if the pot goes for a long stretch without a win, the progressive jackpot grows bigger and bigger. Thus, players do have a chance to hit the progressive jackpot when it has reached its limit.