Slots.LV 7 Bingo Variations

There are Bingo players worldwide. It is one of those games that doesn't cost much, but the return is enormous. In my state alone, there are Bingo Parlors all over the place. But online, there are Bingo-only sites and online casinos that also welcome Bingo Players. Serving up a myriad of Bingo Game configurations and variations, I am delighted to introduce Slots. LV Casino and its New Pack of Seven Bingo Games.

What Types of Bingo Variations Are Available at Slots.LV Casino?

The seven Bingo types are Amazonia Bingo, Bingo Cataratas, Bingo Goal, Bingo Ribeirinhos, Go-Go Bingo, Pesca Bingo, and Tribo Bingo.

Can You Describe Each of the Seven Types of Bingo Games at Slots.LV?

  • Amazonia Bingo: You are in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Here you are given four 5×3 Bingo cards. Select the cards you want to play, place a bet for each one, and watch as 33 balls roll out. If you get close to shouting Bingo – but are one number short – don't pack it in yet. You can purchase up to 10 extra balls to replace that number. Amazonia is a Progressive Bingo Game. To score the big jackpot, you have to win with the first 30 balls called playing on all four cards.
  • Bingo Cataratas: We are still in the jungle, but our location is in a clearing complete with a waterfall and vegetation. We are pretty serene in this place. The game has a Bonus Wheel. To play the Wheel, you have to get the bonus Bingo pattern on ONE of your cards. Then the Bonus Wheel will come into play with a prize when you spin. In this game, you can also purchase extra balls since there are ten Bingo Patterns.
  • Bingo Goal: It appears we are finally out of the jungle. This Bingo Goal is a theme-based Soccer game. You can choose any number of cards from 1 through 4. Place a bet on each card, and 30 balls are in play. The numbers on the balls will tell you if you won. If you get a Bingo within the first 30 balls, you get the progressive jackpot, too. If you score the Bonus combination, you will get a chance to land a penalty kick. When this happens, more cash prizes will be coming your way.
  • Bingo Ribeirinhos: Now we are in South America, where we visit the native Ribeirinhos people at the riverside. They will assist you in getting eleven winning combos on your cards. Moreover, you will get 13 extra balls in this game if you only need one more ball to win. There is also a Bonus Round wherein you will use the baskets of fish for coins. Here, too, get a Bingo on the first 30 balls to win the progressive jackpot.
  • Go-Go Bingo: When you play Bingo online with the Go-Go style, you have to get 12 winning patterns and 30 numbers. Players will receive four cards. In this game, you will get the extra balls, winning designs, and prizes.
  • Pesca Bingo: Choose your cards, place your bet, and 30 balls will bubble to the surface. Pesca Bingo is playing Bingo online and underwater. In this game, you have 12 winning combinations that are possible. If you stake the maximum $10 for all four cards, you could win a $15,000 jackpot for matching the correct pattern. Remember to come up for air!
  • Tribo Bingo: We now appear to be on an island. Here players will begin with four cards consisting of 15 numbers. However, there is a Change Card Feature, which means if you do not like the cards you have, you can get a new set of four cards. Once 31 balls are called, and you are again one number short of a Bingo, you can purchase up to 12 extra balls to win the pattern. If you win the Bonus Pattern, you will use a bow and arrow at targets that hide cash prizes.