Queen of Gold Slots

I must confess it took me a while to write this review because I was so immersed in this game, that I just couldn’t stop. Magnificent is the word I would use to describe Queen of Gold Slots. From the symbols, to the free spins, to the 6th reel multiplier, to the background temple shown during the bonus round, to the incredibly lucrative wins – all of it screams play me!

About the Game

Queen of Gold is a 6-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot that will engage you for hours. There is so much going on in this slot game, that as a reviewer, I will take all of the special features one by one so that you full understand the significance of this game. Of course, you can read the 7-page pay table which will probably explain this game better than I, but having played the game and experienced all of the special features, I would like to try and explain it all to you. So let’s get the easy stuff out first. There is an Auto Play button, as well as the Turbo Spin button which will come in handy when you play this game. The plus and minus buttons are used to bet the number of lines as well as your total bet. There are 10 lines with a value of 25 cents per line. If you bet the max, you will wager $125 per spin, which is what I did. In addition, the 6th reel is the Multiplier reel. With each spin this reel will stop at a specific multiplier and award you for your winning combinations.

Let’s Get to the Game

Playing Queen of Gold Slots was an incredible experience. At the top of the slot, you will see Levels 1-5 and the Super Level. At the top left of the slot, you will see the number of spins – 25. This number will begin to lower with each spin. Your task is to get all five Cleo points before you use up all the 25 spins. If you fail, you will return to level 1 (especially if you are on a higher level). You will see Cleo Points Collected at the top right of the slot. Each time Cleo appears in a winning combination, she will blow you a kiss and she will be added as 1 point. You need to get 5 points in order to proceed to Level 2 before you finish the 25 spins.

The Multiplier Reel

This reel can exceed multipliers beyond 20xs up to 100xs. Each time you “level up” the multipliers will increase on the multiplier reel. Here’s how that occurs. When you get 5 Cleo points, you will be taken to a second screen where the 6th reel will spin like crazy, throwing out different multipliers. When it is done, you will see that the highest multiplier for level one is 10, and the highest multiplier for level 2 is 15, and the highest multiplier for level 3 is 20, and so on. Moreover, the 6th reel has a Joker symbol. If you get this symbol, you will advance to the next level. When the 6th reel returns to the slot area, it will already have a multiplier set for the prior winning combination.

Special Symbols

There is no other special symbol other than Cleo in my book. Get all five of her symbol to win $1000. It doesn’t seem like much but you have to trust me that she always appears on the reels and you will win just about on every spin. The other special symbol is the Blue Bonus Pyramid Symbol. When you get three of these, you will win 10 free spins. The numbers of free spins you will receive are unlimited in this game. This bonus symbol will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. This symbol will pay out 1xs your bonus bet. The Wild King Tut symbol will also assist you in getting even more winning combinations in this game.

The Gold Ring – A Chakram Reference for Xena Fans

The Gold Ring can be moved after each spin. This allows you to choose a reel where you think Cleo will appear, thus adding to the Cleo points. In addition, Cleo is encased in a multi-colored Chakram.

The Progressive Game

In order to play the Progressive Game, you have to collect the Cleo points in order to advance through the 6 levels. Here’s how you can accomplish this. When you first start playing the game, you will notice a Gold Circle in the middle of the slot. You will be directed to move the Gold Circle anywhere on the reels. When you reach the Super Level, instead of Level Up, the number of remaining spins on that level is reset to 25. The Progressive Game is suspended during the free spins round. Be sure of your bet, because if you reset the wager, the Progressive Game will no longer be in play.

The Turbo Speed Space Bar

I found that using the space bar will accelerate getting the 5 Cleo symbol points. It will also assist you in getting the Bonus Pyramids more quickly. I won the free spins round 3 times for a total of $3100 on the max bet using the Turbo Spin mode.


I do suggest you read the pay table and rules of the game. But I especially recommend in no uncertain terms that you play Queen of Gold Slots for one of the most thrilling rides of your life.