One of the newest crypto currencies to hit the market is Ripple (XRP). Before I review this new currency, I want to emphasize how important it is to rely on the most highly knowledgeable sites or brokers to explain how Ripple works. In my research, I did find a site that is promoting Ripple at one of the TOP online gambling sites that has been in existence since 1986, and is “considered one of the biggest in the world -” This is an erroneous claim as Bookmaker does NOT use Ripple, but DOES use Bitcoin. In fact, they give a wonderful tutorial on what Bitcoins are, how to purchase them, and how to deposit funds into the Bookmaker account. Bookmaker is a Sportsbook and Casino. I wanted to see for myself how they handle Ripple deposits and withdrawals. But lo and behold, they don’t They ONLY accept Bitcoin. Therefore, as I mentioned in my "Bitcoin as a Payment Method" article, I have to reiterate once again that you can’t simply rely on what one site or several sites say about Ripple or any other cryptocurrency. You have to go to the source, that is, the Ripple Official site or speak to a broker who has the knowledge to advise you on the best crypto currency available today.

About Ripple as a Crypto Currency

The site that has been promoting Ripple as “all the rage” is incorrect. Ripple is just one of 1,038 cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin taking the number one spot. Ripple is slightly different than Bitcoin in that it is a blockchain for global payments. It connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, and corporate entities in order to send money globally. You can buy Ripple through a dozen exchanges, but the key is to verify that these exchanges are legit. Ripple also maintains that it takes 3.3 seconds for them to process a transaction. The only thing I do agree with about this and other cryptocurrencies is that they are driven by speculation, which means the price can go either way.

Ripple’s Official Site

If you want an almost clear explanation of how Ripple(XRP) operates, I suggest you go to their official site. There you will find out that XRP is the “only digital asset specifically designed for financial institutions and payment providers.” It will also tell you that XRP “is the faster payment settlement for its customers, even faster than Bitcoin.” My recommendation is to read all of the information on the official site of Ripple and determine if this crypto currency – another speculative payment method – will allow you to deposit funds into online casino accounts. They are few and far between, as you will see from our most reliable sources.