Stellar Strikes Slots

Stellar Strikes Slots is indeed a horse of a different color. There are colorful Aliens in this game, but some of the symbols are questionable. Nonetheless, there are many great features including free spins and a bonus symbol, Wild and Scatter.

Slot Game Developer

FlipLuck is the provider of this game.

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The Theme of this Game

Stellar Strikes Slots is an Alien theme-based slot.

The Game Design

The design of the slot hame may confuse many a player. The background is a running track, and although the theme is about Aliens, what is the Bowling symbol all about. The characters, as the paytable calls them, include:
  • A weird hamburger with blue spots on it
  • A Blue shake
  • A Green and Red Alien
  • A Giant and Angry Alien
  • A Blue Alien at a Beauty Salon, where a customer is quite happy with her new hairstyle.

Type of Slot

Stellar Strikes is a 5x3-reel bonus video slot.

Active Pay Lines

Stellar Strikes Slots has 50 pay lines.

Betting Options

The coin value is, as with some FlipLuck games, is odd. The coins start at 50 coins and go as high as 1,000 coins per spin. Players can win up to 250xs their bet in this game.

Paytable Location

Click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom left to access the paytable.

Bonus Features/Free Spins

  • All payouts for symbols are multipliers.
  • The Bonus Feature
  • The bonus symbol is the golden Orb statue. It will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. In this feature, the player will select ten Stellar Skittles from the choices available. Players will win a prize on every turn.
  • Free Spins Round
  • The Scatter symbol is the Bowling Ball and Pins. When three or more appear on the reels, the Free Spins Round will commence. The Free Spins symbol will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Players will win 15 Free Spins, and any Wilds that appear will payout triple the stake.
  • The Wild symbol is the Green Alien. The Wild will pay out double during the base game, and it will pay out triple in the free spins round.

RTP in this Game

The Return to Player is 96.69%.

Players Scored this Game

Players have given Stellar Strikes Slots a popularity score of 5.

Winning Stellar Strikes Slots

Many players have won by playing Stellar Strikes Slots.

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Stellar Strikes Slots is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Stellar Strikes Slots is a fun and entertaining game to play. With the free spins and Stellar Skittles, players will enjoy this game to the max, especially since the symbols have their various multipliers. I highly recommend playing Stellar Strikes Slots at our online casinos.