Bovada Parlay Boosters

This promotion we're going to discuss is a golden opportunity for players to cash in on all of their favorite sports and provide a unique boost to their potential payouts. With several unique bets and props in the mix, Bovada Parlay Boosters is the best chance at winning big and piling up Reward Points like never before!

Bovada Sportsbook is offering a brand new, incredible Parlay Booster promotion! With Bovada Parlay Booster, you'll have better odds and better wins! This action packed promotion will allow players to accumulate rewards points and even claim extra bonuses as they collect points.

To participate, you just need to place a bet on at least one of the Bovada Boosted Parlay Odds on a weekly basis. Rewards points are given out starting Monday December 4th. Bovada Casino is giving out this incredible opportunity to boost your payouts and provide a plethora of unique bets and props while you do so.


On the 27th of November, Bovada started to offer a Parlay Booster promotion. Basically, you can accumulate reward points on daily select parlay bets. If you bet on a Boosted Parlay Odd on a weekly basis, you'll automatically be entered for a drawing to win. The boosted odds are displayed under the specials menu when you place wagers. Any boosted parlays are available to place wagers on. If you want to be eligible for this drawing, you need to deposit $10 or more.

You cannot participate in the promotion unless you complete a minimum of at least one wager on any of the associated boosted parlays over the last seven days. The good news is prize draws that will double reward points need to be completed every Monday, and awarded every 48 hours.

If you're one of the winning players of this promotion, you'll receive a message in your inbox that will notify you of the prize draw win. As a winning player, your reward points will be doubled on all wagers on the boosted parlays from the prior week, but keep in mind your double reward points are capped at 1000 per player every week. About 100 wagers are selected as winners from all eligible wagers every week. Players will become eligible to win every week if they are successful in the prize drawing. If you haven't received an inbox message related to the promotion, better luck next week.

There's a section that provides Bovada's parlay booster events. Just press sports, then go to specials and press Parlay Booster, and it'll filter through the events and display all of the parlay booster events. For example, as I write this there are about four different parlay booster games going on, and this game section will update in real time, so by the time you check out the parlay games section it'll likely list about four different games.