Parlay Entertainment

Established in 1996, Parlay Entertainment is another leader in online bingo and other casino games as well. Parlay provides the technology behind more than 100 online bingo sites. In fact, more brands Parlay Entertainment bingo software than all other providers combined. Some of the world's biggest brands and leading online gaming sites are powered by Parlay bingo software.

Unique to Parlay Entertainment, their bingo games come in two versions: 70-ball and 90-ball. This allows players to receive the best bingo experience online. Parlay’s bingo software contains some very special features custom sounds and designs as well as chat features that are a necessary part of bingo sites.

Parlay Entertainment has a portfolio of over 50 games that incorporate visually stunning graphic designs. Players can download and play Parlay games or use flash technology.

However, Parlay Entertainment’s specialty is in the bingo market due to the excellent software features. Parlay powered bingo rooms are all abuzz with chatters who come to these sites not only for the good selection of games, but also for the wonderful social interaction.

Parlay Entertainment has received an award for their online bingo software, and is considered to be the most advanced, flexible, and reliable bingo product available on the market today. In fact, Parlay has a new version of software called Parlay 5. This enables bingo players to play globally and affords them the opportunity to play for jackpots in their local currencies and talk to each other in their native languages. The Parlay 5 contains: Full-featured 75-number and 90-number bingo games; industry leading multi-language and multi-currency features; highly flexible and customizable bonus system; powerful scheduling, reporting, and administration software; and complete games catalogue featuring nearly 100 slots and side games. There are a wide range of payment methods for players and the safety and security of Parlay Entertainment as it relates to these transactions is superb. In addition, payouts are quick, customer service support is fantastic, and you can be assured that your gaming experience at Parlay Entertainment is a notch above the rest.

Slots Finally Comes to Parlay Entertainment

As of this writing, we have seen an exponential growth in the number of games Parlay Entertainment has implemented. Primarily known for their Bingo Games, Parlay has finally evolved to include a myriad of other casino games from Slots to Video Poker to Table Games. Interestingly, not only does Parlay Entertainment offer both the American and European variants of Roulette, but it has also created some versions of its own.

An Array of Casino Machine Classics: Slots & Video Poker Games

Putting Bingo aside, in recent years, Parlay Entertainment has actively moved away from the whole Bingo-games-only attitude and has opted to introduce a whole suite of casino games for online gamblers to enjoy. After 20 years of serving its members, they have developed several online games you would find in a land-based casino. These include both Slots as well as Video Poker. Amongst the most popular Slots games are listed below for your perusal. With regard to Video Poker, Parlay Entertainment has also created many variants of these casino games.

Our Recent Review has an Erratum

We stated that Parlay Entertainment had “a complete games catalogue featuring nearly 100 slots and side games.” This was an error on our part. Since Parlay Entertainment has added Slots, there are less than 50 currently available. This doesn’t mean that Parlay won’t up its slots game, because they will. In order to be competitive in the online industry, you have to shore up the slot area as these games are what attract players to a casino.