Special Deposit Bonuses and Game Specials at Vic's Bingo

Vics Bingo

Vic's Bingo is offering some special deposit bonuses and game specials for its players in January. So if you want to take advantage of these special offers, join Vic's Bingo today! The Bingo Volcano will take place on January 26 for 3 hours only in the Jelly Bean Bingo room. Win from $25 to $100! From now until January 28, Vic's Bingo is hosting Hit the Egg, a $500 bonus prize to players who win the most bonus rounds in the Get Cracking slots game! From now through the 28th of January, Vic's Bingo is giving players 20% extra bonus in addition to the regular deposit bonus. Just make a $75 deposit or more between now and January 28. Join Vic's Bingo now! The clock is ticking down!