Vic’s Bingo

Vic's Bingo is a particularly interesting online bingo website. The mascot for the site is some sort of weird animal-like thing that is difficult to place, but at the same time the whole design of the website is intended to convey a fun and fulfilling atmosphere. When you come to the website immediately, the color scheme seems a bit weird, but at the same time it seems difficult as a prospective player not to get wrapped into the fun outlook of the site and immediately get more enthusiastic about playing at it. That is perhaps the intention of the color scheme and ultimately design of the website and of course the combination of bingo, slots and video poker serve to make the website itself definitely more fun to play at.


One of the major points in favor of Vic's Bingo is that it happens to be in the minority of websites when it comes to versatility. The vast majority of online bingo websites (and this can even be extended further outwards to casino websites, poker websites and sports betting websites) force you to download a piece of software in order to play with them. This is not true for Vicsbingo, as you can get the game going right away through playing online with their flash version. The online version of Vics Bingo is very similar to free games that you find from websites like Yahoo and the ease of manipulation of the controls are the same way.


Well, promotions are definitely available for people that are looking to play at Vic's Bingo and the first promotion that is worth mentioning is the 100% signup bonus that they have going. This is a standard bonus offer it seems over a number of different bingo websites (and even other online gaming websites) so while it is not relatively a fantastic offer, it is definitely a worthwhile offer to have and one that is competitive with the market at large.

In addition to that, Vics Bingo has seven special promotions that you might find interesting; one for each day of the week. Each day of the week has three parts to its special promotion; a deposit bonus, a daily promotion and a nightly promotion. To give you an idea of what they are like, we will use Monday as an example. The deposit bonus for Monday is 150% on $25 to $99 and 200% on $100+. The daily bonus is a three-part jackpot and the nightly bonus features a progressive jackpot. There are groups of three such as these available for all seven days of the week.

Payment Options

Vic's Bingo players can fund their accounts with the following payment options: credit card, NETeller, InstaDebit, Money Transfers, EcoCard and Click2Pay.

Play at Vic's Bingo

Vic's Bingo is a fun site to play at and many of the players know it. There are heaps of testimonials that you can access from their staff if you are interested and in addition to that they back up the fun experience with a good support staff that can help you should you run into any problems.