Prepaid Card Launched by eMerchantPay

eMerchantpay have launched a brand new pre-paid card that is a perfect solution for all online casino gambling. The PremioCard is a new card that enables all types of financial transaction 24 hours a day and can be used in many ATM's. The card has been specifically made for online gaming and is provided in partnership with Intercard Finance who themselves are a world leader in providing pre-paid cards, credit cards, payment cards and gift cards around the world. The card itself has a wide range of depositing options and the real beauty of the card is that the online slots lover can get paid directly back onto the card and therefore has instant access to their winnings. It's offered in 210 countries around the world and has the use of over 1.4 million ATM's so you are sure you will always be close to your cash. Pre-Paid Cards are becoming extremely popular with online slots players due to the ease of making transactions and that the balance of the cards can be easily seen online. They appear to be growing in popularity and many online casinos will accept deposits from pre-paids making it a lot easier to play your favorite slots online for real money.