Skrill App

Skrill Holdings formerly known as Moneybookers has teamed up with Bet365, and now allows its players to deposit quickly, safely and securely by using Skrills 1 Tap Mobile Solution. This means that bet365 account holders whist using their mobile device no longer need to re-enter personal or credit card details. Players using 1 Tap for the first time, must of course enter all their details, and then they have the option as to whether or not they want 1 Tap to remember their personal details for future transactions. Should they click "yes", 1 Tap will store all details and make life much easier when it comes to using the cashier next time around. The application is running now at Bet365 and has been introduced across all channels including the regular online site and the mobile versions which include the iPhone, iPad and Android applications. It's a welcome addition to the Bet365 offering and Skrill states that with mobile gaming massively increasing the 1 Tap solution will soon be rolled out to other operators, with a few more in the pipeline in the coming weeks. With mobile gaming estimated to hit around $4.8 billion in 2013, applications such as this are keeping the likes of Bet365 ahead of the pack. Depositing using mobile devices has never been as easy as via a website and it's good to see a solution that takes the pain away.