Paste and Pay is Perfect for Small Casino Deposits

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Depositing by Paste and Pay in some of the best US online casinos allows you to make much smaller casino deposits than when using other methods and combined with the fact that it’s so easy to use it makes Paste and Pay a convenient and popular casino banking option for real money slots players in the US.

There are a number of top quality online casinos that now accept Paste and Pay, most notably the WGS online casinos, great places to play that provide huge slots selections, and when using this deposit method you may fund your casino account with just $5.00. On top of that there are no fees involved as the casino covers them, and using the Paste and Pay voucher system is just as fast and as safe as using a major credit card.

When registered at the casino of your choice you simply head to the cashier and choose the Paste and Pay depositing option. You then follow the simple steps that allow you to purchase a voucher with your credit card. You’ll be provided with a PIN for the voucher, and that’s what you use to fund your casino account, however there are a few things that you need to know. Firstly, you can buy a voucher of any size but you do not have to use the whole amount of the voucher in one transaction. So for example you may purchase a $50 voucher, then deposit just $5 of that amount in the casino, and the remainder you can keep for future use.

You need to use the whole voucher within 14 days and there are no extra costs when buying the vouchers, you get exactly the amount you pay for. While many online casinos require a minimum deposit of at least $25, maybe $30, the Paste and Pay voucher system allows for tiny deposits, and that’s something that the recreational slots player, those that just wish to spin with small amounts, will really like about this payment method, as it allows for real money slots action, with amounts that suit you.

Simple, safe and so convenient, Paste and Pay is also a brilliant alternative for players that cannot or do not wish to use their credit cards in an online casino as once the voucher is purchased then the only thing you need to deposit into your casino account is the voucher PIN.