Bitcoin Becomes a Household Word

As you browse the internet to find an online casino that is easy to join, one word will stand out – Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become the most popular payment method to date, and if you want to make the funding of your online casino account a little easier, here is how to do it.

How to Purchase Bitcoins

All you need is a debit or credit card. Use either one to purchase a Wallet to keep your bitcoins in. Buy the Bitcoins through Send your Bitcoin to your account, and type your wallet address into the input field, then Send. Using your credit card and your funds will be in your wallet within 24 hours. You can buy Bitcoin from regulated exchanges, peer-to-peer exchanges, and at Bitcoin ATMs.

What is a Regulated Exchange?

A Regulated exchange is akin to buying currency from a bank. They are the easiest and simplest way to purchase bitcoins online. Although they do require a picture ID, however, once this is done, the rest is easy.

What Types of Bitcoin Wallets are Available?

There are five different Bitcoin wallets: Mobile, Desktop, Online, Paper, and Hardware. Mobile wallets can be downloaded directly to your smartphone from the app store and come with security features as well.

Tips on Buying Bitcoins

  • Instead of using an online wallet, download one.
  • If you have a large amount of Bitcoins in your wallet, use paper or hardware wallets because they are not online and cannot be hacked.
  • If you choose to purchase Bitcoins from a peer exchange, choose a seller with an excellent reputation.
  • Do not use the same Bitcoin address more than one time. Note that most wallets do this for you anyway.