PayPal Restricted at US Online Casinos

After researching many online casino sites, there is a misnomer about PayPal accepting deposits from US players. We have to state again – Paypal is restricted at US online casinos. They no longer accept deposits from US players. They pulled out some time ago. Therefore, we have to urgently suggest that when you are looking for a new online casino, please refer to our site first – Here you will find all of the best online casinos for US players along with the companies they use for depositing and withdrawing your funds. Do not be misled by sites that still continue to show PayPal as one of the leading depositors for online casino funding. It is possible, however, that online casinos outside the US are accepting PayPal, but research them and ensure that they do.

Use Bitcoin Instead

As you may know, Bitcoin is now the leading funding option for US players. We highly recommend you use Bitcoin at online casinos that offer it. In fact, many of our online casinos for US players are going all Bitcoin, which makes it easy for US players to enjoy their online gambling experience. Bitcoin is the best alternative to PayPal in every sense of the word. It is safe, secure, and anonymous. What more could you ask for?