Virtual MasterCard Prepaid

Many online players in general, and US players in particular, may encounter problems funding their casino accounts using credit cards . An alternative method that has grown in popularity is the use of virtual MasterCard prepaid cards. The use of these cards affords players a safe, secure, and easier method of making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Among the many virtual cards available today is the virtual MasterCard prepaid card available through NetSpend.

NetSpend for US Players

NetSpend is one of the leading providers of reloadable prepaid debit cards in the US. Thus, online players can use the virtual MasterCard prepaid card for online purchases, paying bills, and funding online casino accounts without the need for providing a bank account or credit history. Known as GPR or General Purpose Reloadable Cards, you can purchase the virtual MasterCard prepaid card at retail outlets, grocery stores, convenience stores, or online. Money can be deposited into your virtual MasterCard prepaid card through ATM, retailers, direct deposit, or online.

Online Casinos that Accept Netspend

You can use your NetSpend virtual MasterCard prepaid card at the following online casinos: Slots Plus Casino , Las Vegas USA Casino , Sun Palace Casino , and Vegas Casino Online . There are no fees incurred, and you can deposit a minimum of $20 to $5000 to your casino account.

For US players who prefer to use the virtual MasterCard prepaid card, we highly recommend you open an account with NetSpend and fund your online casino accounts. The virtual MasterCard prepaid card is by far the best alternative to credit cards or other deposit and withdrawal methods that have been dwindling down to a precious few, especially for USA players. Open an account with NetSpend today so avoid needless worry tomorrow.

How Does a Virtual Mastercard Work?

It should be noted at the outset that there are only three credit card companies that offer Virtual Mastercard: Bank of America, Capital One, and only certain select Citi cards are eligible. While each issuer of virtual credit card numbers will likely have its own method, the general idea is still the same: an operational credit card number is randomly generated with a computer algorithm, similar to how modern chip cards operate for card-present purchases. Once generated, virtual credit card numbers can be used to make online purchases just as a regular credit card number would be used at checkout. The difference is that most virtual credit card numbers have limitations on where and when they can be used that help prevent them from being used by data thieves. According to sources, “….instead of putting your actual credit card number into the payment box when shopping online, you can mimic the technology in your chip card by using a random number that’s specific to that merchant or transaction and can’t be used to make unauthorized purchases anywhere else.”

Online Casinos Accepting Virtual Mastercard Prepaid

  • Liberty Slots Casino does accept Mastercard Virtual. The minimum deposit is $45 with no withdrawal. There are no fees either. However, it should be noted that Liberty has added additional cryptocurrencies to its deposit methods including: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Neosurf.
  • Bovada Casino accepts Mastercard Virtual. However, they also accept Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash.
  • Sloto Cash Casino accepts Mastercard Virtual. But they also accept Bitcoins as well. No fees are required for either method, and processing is instant.