Person to Person Deposit

There is a new payment option available for US players called Person to Person Deposit. When you join our selected online casinos, you can utilize this option instead of worrying about credit cards or other forms of payment that may not be accepted by banks.

What is Person to Person?

Person to Person is the process by which you can send and/or receive funds through the use of an electronic system. Think of it as similar to PayPal. Available at over 100,000 locations, Person to Person is the most secure way to send money, make payments, or fund your casino account.

How Do I Fund Person to Person?

If you want to send money, you simply call Person to Person and set up an account. You can use a credit card to fund the Person to Person account. A 10-digit number will be provided so that you can transfer funds from your account to be sent out as payment thereafter. The minimum deposit required is $100.

BetOnline Person to Person Transfers

Let's say you join BetOnline, an online casino that accepts Person to Person transfers. And let's say you want to deposit funds into your account. All you have to do is first sign up with Person to Person, then click on "deposit now," and BetOnline will cover the fees for deposits of $300 or more.