Prepaid Cards For Online Gambling in the UK

If you are an online casino player in the UK and are having a problem funding your casino account, you may want to consider using prepaid cards for online gambling in the UK. Prepaid cards are easy to obtain, and are the most secure and safe method to use instead of cash, credit cards, or other methods of payment. Prepaid cards are accepted more readily throughout the world, and in the UK, the only requirement is that you produce personal information, for identity purposes, in order to receive the card either online or through the more than 100,000 retailers that offer them.

There are currently three prepaid cards that are widely used in the UK for online gambling: EntroPay, WWWCard, and CashPlus. Here is a brief description of each.


Is perhaps the most well known of all prepaid cards is EntroPay. It is available to anyone and comes in the form of Visa and MasterCard and is widely accepted throughout the world. It has fewer restrictions that most other prepaid cards, and all transactions will show up as EntroPayUK. You can load funds into the card and the fees are inexpensive. Moreover, EntroPay enables users to fund accounts in their own currency. To load the prepaid card, you can use a credit or debit card simply by logging on to your EntroPay account and entering the amount you wish to add to the card. Select the funding source, and submit. That’s all there is to it!


The WWWcard is a prepaid Visa card that is safe and secure; and easy to obtain. This virtual card is available to all Visa cardholders and is accepted by merchants worldwide. You can apply for the card online and it is reloadable. Just fill out the online application and load the card with denominations up to £140. You will then be given a 3-digit security code to use the next time you need to access your account. There is a one time fee of £2 with each card purchase.


The CashPlus Prepaid MasterCard was the first card launched in the UK. One of the most widely accepted prepaid card, the CashPlus card can be topped off at more than 12,500 locations throughout the UK. The minimum and maximum amount allowed is from £10 and £500 per day, up to a maximum balance of £5,000. You can top off your card at the following locations: the bank, CashPlus stores, through your paycheck, Post Offices, and as a standing order. The standing order means that you can fund the account with the same amount on a specific day each month through your bank account. Wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted, you can use the CashPlusCard without a worry.