You may have noticed that more and more online casinos are using Bitcoin as a payment method. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is easy to use, it is secure and safe, and all transactions are conducted anonymously. US players are particularly thrilled that Bitcoin is now becoming available at US casinos. It makes the process of funding your account a breeze. In fact, this is a boon for players who had to worry about using credit cards or other forms of payment.

The #1 Bitcoin Casinos

Although we consider most of our top US casinos the #1 Bitcoin casinos, we have to admit that some are better than others. This is due to the bonuses offered for using Bitcoins as a deposit method. But it also depends upon the brands used to power the games. It's all well and good to use a Bitcoin casino, but if they do not live up to the expectations of players, then what's the point. Therefore, we are listing below the #1 Bitcoin Casinos that we absolutely acknowledge are the best online.

Purchasing Bitcoins is Easy

To purchase Bitcoins for online casinos, you can use your debit or credit when you apply at The Bitcoins you purchase will put into a "wallet" that you can access at any time. If you click on the Bitcoin link, most casinos will have full instructions on how to access Bitcoins and how to fund your casino account.

Use Bitcoins for your PC Desktops and Mobile Devices

Your "wallet" can be downloaded to your mobile device and is highly secure.

Bitcoin is the Best Form of Online Casino Funding to Date

When Bitcoin first came out, many online players began to use it and found it to be the best form of online casino funding. Our top online casinos are using it as well. To this end, we are providing you with a table wherein online casinos are now offering Bitcoin deposits. Peruse the list and use Bitcoin as your funding methods when you join the top US online casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses You Won't Believe!

You may have noticed lately that many online casinos that accept Bitcoins are offering huge bonuses when you make a deposit using Bitcoins. We've seen bonuses as high as 400%. We have also seen new online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies as deposits. The dawn has broken for Bitcoins, and it is now #1 cryptocurrency for online players worldwide. More importantly, BitCash, Litecoin, and Dodgecoin are not that far behind. Thus, we are in the throws of a major boom for online casinos who accept cryptocurrencies. To this end, we would like to share with you a list of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses you can take advantage of at our online casinos for US players as well as global casinos.

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos are now considered the casinos of choice. More than 50% of the world's population use mobile devices. Thus, joining mobile casinos has become a player's choice, regardless of where they live. For most of these mobile casinos, they originally did not have a mobile platform. In fact they were few and far between. Today, mobile casinos are IN and will soon take over desktop PCs. If the regular casino went mobile and now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, then it stands to reason you will have Bitcoin Mobile Casinos. Listed below are the best mobile online casinos for US and global players.

Live Dealers Casinos Using Bitcoins

Here again, if a casino has a Live Dealer Platform, and they accept Bitcoins as a payment method, then you will obviously have live dealer casinos using Bitcoins. Once again, we are listing below all the top Live Dealer Casinos using Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Casinos Using Instant Play/Flash

Instant Play Casinos are not that old compared to Flash Casinos that are becoming all the rage. Being able to play games that load automatically on your browser, regardless of what device you are using, is what makes the gaming experience better and much more fun. For the most part, you will find the words Instant Play at most of the top online casinos, and even some secondary casinos. But at the same time, there are the top US casinos that offer Flash as well. Within the past year or so, many of these casinos have converted over to Bitcoin, not exclusively, but there are many that offer cryptocurrency deposits only. In order to give you the heads-up on where you can play games in Instant Play or Flash and still use Bitcoins as a deposit method, we are listing these Bitcoin Casinos for your perusal.

RTG, Betsoft, and Rival Casinos Accepting Bitcoins

Did you know that the first online casino to accept Bitcoins was Vera & John? Unfortunately, US players were not accepted at this casino. But all that has changed. Today, you can play at RTG, Betsoft, and Rival Casinos; all of whom accept Bitcoins from US players. We have come a long way, baby! To make it easy for you to locate and join these branded casinos, we are listing all of the RTG, Betsoft, and Rival Casinos that accept Bitcoins.

Enter Tournaments that Accept Bitcoins

Once again, we come down to our top US casinos who do accept Bitcoins and who also host major tournaments. For example, Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casinos both have over 122 daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. Because they accept Bitcoins as a payment method, you can fund your account AND play in their tournaments directly from their casino lobbies. But they are not the only casinos with tournaments accepting Bitcoins. If a particular casino accepts Bitcoins as a payment method, then all games and tournaments can be funded using Bitcoins. Listed below, therefore, are the tournaments you can enter using Bitcoins as a funding method.

Bitcoin Games that Are the Most Popular

Here is where we could possibly get into the redundancy question. While there are top online casinos with the most popular and that accept Bitcoins; there are two ways you can go on this question. Our top US casinos do have the most popular games, and they do accept Bitcoins. On the other hand, there are fabulous games at online casinos that do not accept Bitcoins as a payment method. Perhaps the question should be: "Where can I find the most popular games at Bitcoin Casinos?" In this case, we have the answer. Just take a look at our list of the most popular games alongside of the online casinos that accept Bitcoin.

New Slot Games at Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

If you have joined any of our top US casinos, who also accept Bitcoin, it is obvious that you will find new slot games. Depending upon the casino, new slots are released monthly, bi-monthly, or even weekly. In the course of finding these new slot games is, again, an easy task. We have the newest slots games on our site as well as where you can play them using Bitcoins. Follow the list below where we have outlined the latest slot games and the casinos where you can play them using Bitcoins as a deposit method.

The Best of New Bitcoin Casinos

We have been reviewing new online casinos for years. Since Bitcoin became a household word, we now have the opportunity to also review Bitcoin Casinos that offer some incredible games, bonuses, and promotions. One of the casinos I personally reviewed is Crypto Slots Casino. This is an all cryptocurrency casino which, in my opinion, is one of the best new Bitcoin casinos online today. Yes, there are more in this ilk, and we will list the very newest of these Bitcoin Casinos below. However, it should be noted that not all exclusive cryptocurrency casinos are equal. This is why I review them thoroughly, with no bias. If the casino is worth of your membership, I say so. If not, I say so. So take a look at our list below, check out the Bitcoin Casinos, and you decide which one's are worthy of your membership.