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One of the important features that most online players look for when joining any online casino is their banking method. As you know, credit cards are accepted at all online casinos but for US players, it can be difficult since new laws were enacted to prevent players from using this form of payment. Thus, prepaid cards are becoming more popular today than ever before. Most of US friendly we reviewed offer players an easy, safe, and secure method to fund their online casino accounts through prepaid cards. One of these prepaid cards is called MoneyPak.

What is MoneyPak?

It is a prepaid card that you can obtain at any retailer and load the card to use for online casino funding as well as purchase items online. It can also be used to fund your PayPal account or make payments online.

How Much Money Can I Load Into MoneyPak?

The minimum amount you can add to MoneyPak is $20 and the maximum amount is $500. However, if you are using the Green Dot MoneyPak from Walmart, you can load up to $1100.

Where Can I Obtain a MoneyPak Card?

The following retailers have the MoneyPak card available: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Meijer, as well 50,000 retailers and stores within the US.

Is There a Fee?

No, there is no fee. It will only cost you $4.95 to purchase a MoneyPak card. Once you do so, you can load it and the money will be immediately available to fund your online casino account.

MoneyPak is a Valued Method for Funding Online Casino Accounts

One of the many problems facing online casino players today is accessibility in funding their casino accounts. The MoneyPak is one of the best ways to achieve a smooth transaction without having to worry about using a credit card. Fortunately, all Vegas Technology Casinos accept prepaid cards and also reward players with bonus dollars for doing so. At a time when credit card use is on the decline, what better way to enjoy the entire online gaming experience than by funding your casino account using MoneyPak.

What to do if Your Moneypak Deposit is Unsuccessful

On very rare occasions, and we must stress that this does not happen often, your Moneypak deposit may be unsuccessful. US online casino players know that now and then making a deposit can be a little troublesome and although Greendot Moneypak has an extremely high acceptance rate there may be the odd occasion where you will get a decline, however all is not lost.

There are many ways that you can still use the Greendot Moneypak option, and if you’ve loaded a prepaid Visa with the funds then you may use this in many online casinos, and there are other options. You could even purchase a PasteandPay Voucher that will work in a multitude of US casinos, with Miami Club Casino being one, or you could purchase an MST Gift card, UnionPay or other prepaid option. Moneypak is a very flexible payment method and once you have the cash on a card or in the voucher there’s a whole lot you can do with it and many online gaming sites in which you may deposit. Once again, we must stress that receiving a decline message when using Moneypak is not a regular issue, but should that happen, all is far from lost.